SUN TV Balance sheet with Enthiran collections out in the market!

The balance sheet vis-à-vis superstar Rajnikanth’s latest offering ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ is out. The film, touted as the most expensive film to have ever been made in Indian in any language, was produced at a whopping expenditure of Rs.132 crores, it was officially announced by the booming Sun Network, whose Sun Pictures produced the film.

Sun Network had also been candid enough to admit that the film had a revenue of Rs.179 crores the world over besides fetching an unbelievable sum of Rs.15 crores via satellite television broadcasting rights which would add to the Sun Pictures’ account.

For the third quarter, Sun TV had posted a revenue of Rs.597.99 crore and a net profit of Rs.225.49 crore, up from Rs.312.52 crore and Rs.151.94 crore respectively earned during the corresponding period of the previous fiscal, a company official said.

However Box office reports from trade sources,put the production cost of ‘Enthiran’ at Rs.182 crores and the  over all earnings at Rs.400 crores. It may also be recalled that Ayngaran Films & Eros Entertainment, who jointly released the film abroad, had once ‘disclosed’ that they went on to make a profit of Rs.70 crores by releasing the film abroad!

Whatever be the actual cost and expenditure, it’s certain that Rajnikanth is still the indisputable ‘Maharaja’ at the box-office!



  1. selva

    you fucker if any of the north indian actor act like sout indain 
    if you have guts u have to put ur name than u lave to comment 
    potta pasgla 

  2. aravind

    Rajini is one of the factor for success in the movie Enthiran……..Rajini is the only factor for the success of the movie in Tamilnadu….the rest of the success credit goes to A.R.Rehman,Shankar and Aiswarya Rai for the world success…..Remember the fate of Baba……

  3. trueman

    dont expect us south indians to counter attack ur comments.. when a dog barks we jus let it bark.. wat cant IT do other than barking? it cant ‘talk’ like humans! not bad.. animals have now started visiting internet and posting comments!

  4. guy

    for your info, it was this masala movie that was a hit in ur mumbai, where ur own heroes’ movies had to go for a run! we had the last laugh dude! hahaha!

  5. indian

    dei , vela vettiya pakama.. enna da inga kada vaikiringa.. worst movie of rajini is robot, have you seen the old movies of rajani, that is superb. and the acting in the robo is the same character of inspector walk. repeateadly doing the same. and you northindian shut your F_ _ _ .

  6. prata

    are they going to help the poor and needy in india with this money. no they`ll use it for themselves and families. so who the fuck cares

  7. mani

    hey, north indian first of all you dont have guts to say who u are,that resemble u guys on veryyyyyyyyyy important news for u idiot the GREAT MR.AMITABH has said recently that mr.rajinikanth is real super hero forever among all state heroes in INDIA.Thank u sir

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