Sun Pictures to come with good quality films of low and medium budget

Saxena Sun Pictures

Sun Pictures is set forth on a complete strategy churning out big tickets – Endhiran, Vijay’s ‘Sura’ and couple of films featuring Dhanush in lead role. But it’s not going to be completely these ones, as producers of Sun Pictures have decided to step ahead with good quality films of low and medium budget as well.Recently, we could hear Hansraj Saxena himself coming up with such statement that they are now interested in picking medium and low budget films that have substantialities. Adding more, Saxena said, “Sun Pictures started off its venture with a moderate approach of releasing films of Nakul, who had no address in Kollywood followed by a comparatively better star Jeeva and introduced Karunaas with ‘Dindugal Saarathy’. It was later, we got into the big business and again we’re left with an idea of taking some challenging projects to the audiences and witness success….”


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  1. Anonymous

    sun pictures always rockzzzz….sun t.v. is no.1 in south india.. but pls stop the unwanted trailers of films which is releasing by sun pic..

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