Sun Pictures CEO confirms Enthiran sequel

Enthiran sequel is here


Will Chitti Robot rise from the ashes? Yes is the answer. While Rajinikanth and Director Shankar are making news for their own respective projects namely Hara and Nanban, it looks like a million prayers have been answered as now the Superstar and the Super Director will come together once again in the uprising of ‘Chitti – the emotional robot’.

There were earlier rumors about Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giants Movies trying to cash in on the red hot duo but it’s Sun Pictures CEO Hansraj Saxena who surprised everyone with his recent confirmation of Enthiran’s sequel in store for fans. The leap will be a bigger one so to say as the sequel is going to be made on a much grander scale compared to the 120 crores budget of the former. Sources reveal that both Rajini and Shankar will kick start the project soon after they are done with their other commitments.

If you too are jumping with joy, you wont’ mind singing with us, “hypnotic, hypnotic, super sonic super star……”



  1. guy

    wont u guys appreciate gd movies? if a stupid movie releases, u compare sayin tamil movies are not of hollywood standard. but when some1 tries something different, again complain sayin they copy from hollywood film. tamil film makers do have their own talent. get out of this ‘hollywood shell’ in the first place!!

  2. aravind

    Pavam family sari ellaina ellam eppadi than public la bad words use panuvanga….i feel pity for them….

  3. aravind

    Story should be original….just majestic movies in terms of budjet is nothing…….it should touch our heart….Shankars flims are just visual treats…….

  4. Rajinikanth

    Nan oru kollai karan…..Taminadu makkela ellam muttal pasanga hahahahah,…….ethu eppadi erruku…..

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