Sun Network to invest Rs 100 crores

sun network

Sun Network, one of India’s leading and South India’s largest Television channel network has decided to increase its content strength. Sun Network is going to invest 100 crores for this. Much of this amount is planned to buy new films.

Sun Network administrator head Ajay Vidyasagar while addressing the press said,” At present Sun Networks 60% revenue comes from Tamil and Malayalam channels. 40% revenue comes from Telugu and Kannada channels. We have planned to increase the content strength of these channels. We have increased the allocated amount by 100 crores for content strength. The money will be shared among the various channels based on the revenue they generate. Much of this amount will be used to buy new films Satellite rights”.

He added, “At present Sun Group altogether have more than 20 channels in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. The channels come under various categories such as general, comedy, news and music. Sun Group enjoys 60 to 64% share in South India. Three years back, the share was 56%. Other than the TV channels, Sun Group have 43 F.M stations throughout India.”

Sun Network showed a profit of Rs 567.38 crores for the year ended March31, 2010. The previous year profit was Rs 437.11 crores. The Groups total income has increased to Rs 1437.52 crores when compared to previous year income of Rs 1091.52 crores. The main reason for the income rise is the increase in advertisement income by 37%. At present our group gets 60% of the income through advertisements and the rest 40% through subscription”.



  1. Anonymous

    Sun tv 2009 net profit Rs. 567 crores profit in 2009 equals to approx $120 million USD

    compare with Google profit for 2009 is $6500 millions USD which is $6.5 billion

    so bottom line is a mega company like Google is around 55 times richer and bigger than Sun tv.

    Indian companies need to think more, work more, earn more to compete with US companies

    this information is just for my fellow indian/tamilians

  2. Anonymous

    All thiruttu pasangaey… keep the money for themselves and invest and bring their children up and keep a healthy family tree.. on the other hand the poor in India has been poor and no improvements.. do anyone have an idea how come Sun Network was able make such huge investments initially to get this much profit.. everything will definitely be black money… All are thieves…

  3. Anonymous

    respected 2nd anonymous!!! sun earned each and every money in black and there are lots of illegal processing. note that the ruling party was the key to its success. sun network are bunch of thieves. Pls do not even compare with Google and damage its reputation. my kind thought!

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