Suhashini – ‘Save Raavanan from Piracy’

Suhashini - 'Save Raavanan from Piracy'Reliance BIG Pictures and Madras Talkies extensively released their film Raavan in around 2200 screens worldwide making it the first Indian film to release simultaneously in Hindi Tamil and Telugu versions.
The film worked primarily in multiplexes in metros but the business was poor in single screens and interiors.The film opened to negative reviews and fared badly at the box office though it subsequently acquired cult status. Sources say Raavan doesn’t seems to have any scope at the box office.
Suhashini Mani Ratnam,  irked by the poor response to the film, has reportedly blamed the pirated DVDs a  reason for the failure of Raavan.
It is in news that actress Suhashini Mani Ratnam was annoyed over the use of pirated DVDs of Raavanan doing rounds in the outside market.

The actress has met the Chennai Commissioner of Police T Rajendran to take action against the pirated DVD’s and save the movie ‘Raavanan’.

Suhasini while talking to the journalists after lodging the complaint said “Pirated DVDs of the movie were brought to Chennai from Puducherry and other neighboring States. We have also lodged a complaint to Puducherry Chief Minister Vaithyalingam. “

“The police chief has immediately requested his subordinates to look into the issue”, the actress added further.

Suhasini however denied the alleged involvement of the people in the film industry in bringing out the pirated versions.



  1. Anonymous

    A Real director who made Use of a Actors is Bala,,,,, Nan kadavul mathiri movied edutha Makkal theater la poi parpaaanga. Raavan mathiri edutha Ippad Internetla than poi parkanum…..

    The best punishment for the actos and directors should bee they should be locked in the theater and run the movie for 100 days:)))

  2. Poornima

    cannt understand y people doesnt like this movie… this people are just use to hero introduction kutta song, ore punch dialogue, duet with herione etc etc….Mani sir have made such wonderful movie, appreciate it people,its not a usual Indian movie..its not so easy to picturize few scenes in that movie, how much of hard work of everyone.. easily people sit at home and watch such beautiful movies in dvd as says its not worth a watch.. god only should make such people understand what is hardwork actually means.. think before u people comment like this. dont hurt others feeling just by posting some scarp…

  3. Anonymous

    you too need to think about hurting others. in above comment you hurt a whole lot of people who think the film is not nice. dont hurt others. we think this film is not good at all. vijay film is better than this.

  4. Anonymous

    hey stupid dun u ever compare vijay film to raavanan ok.. wat kind of stupid films vijay act!! or can he even act in the first place.. raavanan has its pluses and minuses!! but vijay movie are full of minuses only ok!! stupid ppl who can compare maniratnam's movie with a vijay's one can go to hell!!

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