Stay on Maanja Velu Movie Release

The Madras High Court has stayed the release of Arun Vijay’s Manja Velu movie till May 19 on a plea by Dr.Kalidas from Tondiarpet, producer and distributor of the tamil movie “Thunichal”.

In his affidavit, Kalidas said, “I produced the film “Thunichal” under Ambarisini Arts Banner with the lead Arun Vijay which was started in 2005.Arun Vijay’s salary was  fixed as 10 lakh rupees  and had paid 5 lakh rupees as an advance. The shooting of the movie was completed in 2007 and the post production work was completed in June 2008.But as Arun Vijay did not cooperate for dubbing the film, I couldn’t release the movie on 2008.

I lodged a complaint in producers council. Meanwhile Arun informed that the movie can be released after “Malai Malai” , produced by his father-in-law.So I completed the dubbing with a third party and tried to release the movie. Arun Vijay and his father lodged a complaint against me on this.On council’s advice, Arun vijay agreed to do dubbing, but he refused to do the dubbing after few days saying he was busy with “Maanja Velu”.
Meanwhile the actor gave an interview to the media against the movie “Thunichal”.I had booked 160 theatres to release “Thunichal” but every thing was lost due to his interview.I was  able to release the movie in 16 theatres only.

The non-release of the film and the actor’s non cooperation has caused enormous loss both financially as well as my reputation in the industry. I had suffered a loss of 1.5 crore and I’ve asked for the compensation of 25 lakh from Arun Vijay.”

On hearing the petition, Justice Sivagnanam stayed the release of Maanja Velu till May 19 and ordered Arun Vijay to file a reply on this petition.Just two days back the Maanja Velu team announced the movie releases would be postponed from May 7 to May 22


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