Statement letter issued by TN Theatre owners association against TN Producer’s Council

The meet of producers from the The Tamilnadu Producer’s Council which took place on January 8, 2011 was an event that made headlines for the fistful battle between producers Ayyappan and Muthumari and also for the accusation on theater owners for playing the price game.

The blame on the owners was that they hike the prices of tickets during the inaugural weeks when the movie is certain to run with the support of anxious fans waiting to catch what their heroes/ heroines have to offer.

Howsoever the owners have come in defense of such statements as they refuse to take the blame. Instead the theater owner’s association has officially stated that the rise in ticket rates was genuinely needed as the government has taken no steps to revise the rates even during inflation periods. And it is the producers who ask them to rise the prices.

Now who is to be held responsible for the blame game?

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Letter Page 1
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  1. aravind

    Ya theater owners are correct…..we have saw lot of theaters have been closed bcas of high prices demanded by the producers…..See Tollywood how they are reducing the fees of actors to make the industry survive….

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