Stars applauds Chennai Super Kings

Murali Vijay and Ravichandran Ashwin are two cricketing heroes at Chennai, after Murali Vijay clinched the Golden Bat award for scoring highest run at the the recently held Champions league 20-20 Cricket where he scored 294 runs in 6 matches with an average of 49 runs. And Spinner Ashwin bagged the golden wicket reward for most victorious bowler in the tournament and also with the Super kings winning the Champions League trophy has been a moment of Joy for all in Chennai..

So what did the Kollywood Stars had to say on this victory

Shirya Saran
Big hurraayyy for the Chennai Super Kings..their all over the news! love chennai but most of all they made us happy.

Venkat prabhu
Team Chennai was excellent, especially its bowlers. I’m extremely proud of Ashwin, who bowled a superb spell and also took the maximum wickets in the tournament. Towards, the end, there was some tension when we lost a couple of wickets. But I’m glad we finally made it! Cheers to Chennai!

I am jumping around screaming chennai super kings.I hated cricket as a child. I have no idea what brought about this change

G V Prakash
Chennai rocks! Murali Vijay is too cool and he ensured that Team Chennai had no problems when we got down to chasing the small target. He is a must for the World Cup too and I’m sure he’ll do well there for India. And Muralitharan, the master spinner, is too good! Both the Muralis turned it around for Team Chennai.

Lakshmi Rai, Actress

I was in Spain when the final was played and so missed watching it! But when I heard the good news when I landed in Chennai, I was over the moon. I feel very proud that Team Chennai won and rocked the cricketing world. I’m doubly happy that we’ve followed up the IPL win so convincingly. They are certainly the best T-20 team currently. And now that we’ve won, it’s time to cheer!
Team Chennai’s morale has been great throughout the tournament; that was the reason we won the tournament so convincingly. Dhoni proved that he’s captain cool yet again, marshalling his troops brilliantly. Like with all Chennai matches, I followed the finals too, closely. Though some people say that the final was a cakewalk for us, I thought it was still a close match and could have changed anytime.


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