SS Kumaran begins his second venture ‘Kerala Naattu Pengaludane’

SS Kumaran

S.S. Kumaran, the music director-turned-director, is apparently moving at a terrific pace. The bespectacled Kumaran, who debuted as music director in last year’s super-duper hit ‘Kalavaani’, later turned directed and launched the film ‘Theneer Viduthi’ a few months back.

One now learns that the fast-paced Kumaran has completed the entire shooting portions and has already moved on to his next directorial venture titled ‘Kerala Naattu Pengaludane’. The film is said to be a laugh riot with some romance sprinkled in it, much his Kumaran’s debut directorial film ‘Theneer Viduthi’.

Kumaran doesn’t mind in revealing the storyline of his upcoming film, much unlike many of his contemporaries who do everything at their behest to keep under wraps the storylines of their films. ‘Kerala Naattu…’ has a pretty interesting storyline, he says and gives a ‘sneak peak’ into it.

The hero, a villager, grows up from his childhood days learning from his neighbours and others that girls from Kerala are the ‘best bet’ for matrimony. Driven by the idea, he moves to the neighbouring Kerala, earnestly hoping to fall in love with some Malayalee girl and marrying her. Unfortunately, his efforts hit a dead end as no girl falls for him over a period of time.

Finally, taking pity on his plight, a girl falls for him but at the time of marriage, the hero comes to know that the girl hails only from his neighbouring village and not from Kerala. “What happens next has been narrated in a rather interesting and gripping manner,” signs off Kumaran.


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