Nanban Srikanth

Srikanth lost 13 kgs for Paagan

Nanban Srikanth

The flick Nanban will give Srikanth a new lease of life, with Director Shankar showing him all the right ways of getting things done just right. It was during the Nanban shoots in Ooty last January that Srikanth and wife Vandana were blessed with a baby girl, welcoming in a new member in their family.

The actor has been lucky to be blessed, with a good year pass by and now he has some new projects happening already. Alongside the big release Nanban he also has Paagan(means Mahout in English) in store for his fans. Janani Iyer pairs with Srikanth in this movie which is said to be a laugh riot by those close to the project. Paagan is being directed by Mohammad Aslam and ace comedy artist Kovai Sarala is said to be playing the mother of Srikanth. It is also learnt that the actor has lost, a not so easy 13 kilos, just to fit in to the skin of the character. The movie grabbed headlines for comedians Parotta Soori and Pandi singing a kuthu number under the expert guidance of composer James Vasanthan .Srikanth plays a village loving guy in Paagan who wants to make it big with out leaving his homeland. The movie does have an underlying theme of brain dain, with youngsters seeking foreign lands in hope of better standards of living.

13 kilos … care to share the secret, Srikanth?


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