Srikanth fire accident

Srikanth escapes from huge fire during Paagan Shoot

Srikanth fire accident

Actor Srikanth escaped from huge fire during the shooting of an important sequene in his upcoming film Paagan. The film has Srikanth and Janani Iyer (remember her in Bala’s Ava Ivan?) playing the lead roles and has the likes of Kovai Sarala, Suri, Pandi, Geroge and Anumohan playing other important roles.

The film’s shoot is being held in Pollachi, Tirupur and Kodaikkanal. A ‘bomb blast’ sequence was being canned as part of the climax for which a SONY F65 camera was used for the first time in the country. Srikanth did’nt seek the help of any ‘dupe’ and did all the risky stunts himself. He got into a bizarre accident during the filming of this sequence and escape almost by a hair’s breadth.

Says Srikanth about the nerve-wrecking experience: “I have gotten into many accidents many times in the past. Stunt choreographer Sundar, who doesn’t trouble his heroes much, was choreographing the climatic sequence. I decided to do the sequence myself and was tied to a rope and to get into the fiel while the bomb was about to be blasted.

“We first rehearsed our shot. It came out very well but unfortunately, when the ‘actual’ sequene was being shot, the rope broke off and I just about managed to get myself out of the raging flames. Had I even wasted a minute or so, I wouldn’t have been here talking to you. We’re all happy that the sequence, filmed using a special camera, has come out very well,” he concluded. The film has been directed by Aslam who had earlier worked under the likes of Cheran, Ameer and Radhamohan.

Aslam would also be penning the story, screenplay and dialogues besides directing the film which has music by James Vasanthan.


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