Srikanth and Vandana blessed with baby girl

Srikanth and Vandana
Srikanth and Vandana

Srikanth and his wife Vandana were blessed with a baby girl on Friday 28th Jan 2011. The couple are really enjoying the time being together, welcoming the entry of their new family member.

The year has been a wonderful one for Srikanth who is also  building a Malayalam fan base steadily.

Things are also looking good considering his Kolly carrer. The actor is placing all bets on 3 Rascals to make a comeback in Kollywood. He was engaged in Shankar’s 3 Rascals in Ooty when he received the good news. Soon after being congratulated by the whole crew he rushed to the hospital in Chennai to meet his wife Vandana and the baby.

They also have a 2 year old boy from their marriage in 2007.

We offer our hearty wishes to this wonderful couple.



  1. Vasin

    A few nice West East mixed names;

    Sara Neeraja Srikant
    Ana Inthuja Srikant
    Sobi Nayan Srikant
    Vino Bathra Srikant

  2. Vasin

    Saraswathi shortened to Sara and Vinothini shortened to Vino. Inthu extended to Inthuja. Bathra too is our goddes name. Sobi could be from Sanskrit; not sure. Nayan from Nayanam. Neeraja don’t know but rhimes and is nice. Ana from anarkali.

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