Sridevi to brush up her English lingo

Sridevi to brush up her English lingo

Sri Devi’s comeback to the silver screen is being awaited with bated breath by everyone. Her upcoming character in the flick English Vinglish holds renewed interest both for the actress and her fans. Apparently Sri will get the raw end of the deal as her character as a middle class Indian housewife portrays the diva struggling with her broken English. As the script unfolds, her character gets frustrated being picked up by friends and family for her English speaking skills as she later decides to head to the US to get a better grasp of the language.


The results are amazing as the movie highlight includes Sri’s solo speech after perfecting the language, which comes as a surprise to everyone as they wonder how she could achieve such flawless speaking skills in such a short period of time, and do we need to mention Sri steals the show.

Guess nothing is impossible for this diva.



  1. SOTTY

    Welcome back…’s time we see a real actress again on the screen…..tired of all the current plastic dolls…Stand up….The Queen is Back!!!

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