SPB Charan wins the battle

SPB Charan Aaranya Kaandam

Veteran singer, SP Balasubramaniam’s son, SPB Charan has won the battle finally. ‘Aaranya Kaandam‘, produced by him, has been languishing in the cans for more than 6 months, after the Regional Censor Board in Chennai had issued an A certificate with 55 cuts to the film.

It is a gangster movie with heavy doses of violence and profanity which the censors objected too. SPB Charan felt that if he made the 50 odd cuts they demanded, it would spoil the film.

Unhappy with the Censor’s decision, SPB Charan fought hard at the tribunal in New Delhi to get his film released with a reasonable certificate without cuts and muting of dialogues. The Supreme Court convened tribunal had cleared the film for release after a long battle.

He and the director, Thiagarajan Kumararaja, are very happy as they have won their case.

Aaranya Kaandam which introduces actor Jackie Shroff to Tamil films, stars Ravi Krishna and Sampath in the lead roles with debutante Yasmin Ponnappa as heroine was in news since it won The Grand Jury Award for best Film at South Asian International Film Festival in October 2010.



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