SPB Charan is an Incredible Actor: Puskhar – Gayathri

SPB Charan is an Incredible Actor: Puskhar - Gayathri
SPB Charan in VA Quarter Cutting

Va Quarter Cutting which is directed by Pushkar and Gayathri promises to be on the lines of their previous film Orampo.

That the singer-producer-actor-distributor SPB Charan is playing the prominent role in Va – Quarter Cutting, besides Shiva and Lekha Washington, is a known fact.
But what one isn’t aware of is that they would not have chosen him for the role if he had gotten his new, lean look earlier.

“We took him aboard mainly because we wanted a sweet-faced, slightly chubby guy for the character”, says the husband and wife duo Pushkar – Gayathri, before adding, Charan’s also an incredible actor.

The duo adds that Charan’s character in the film often takes off on a tangent and narrates short stories to prove the point. In one particular scene, he had to muse on a lot of things while driving a rusty two-wheeler on the bylanes of Triplicane.

“We wanted to shoot the scene in one shot but were wondering if Charan would be able to recite the entire dialogue in one stretch. But he surprised us by pulling it off as he came to the sets after having memorised the lines”, gush Pushkar and Gayatri.

Charan’s acting credits include a major role in the Tamil film, Saroja, a super hit in 2008.


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