SPB Charan faces arrest based on Sonas complaint

SPB Charan Sona rape attempt

The Pondy Bazaar police have registered a case against film-maker S.P.B. Charan based on a complaint filed against him by Sona who has alleged that he tried to rape her a few days back at a party thrown by director Venkat Prabhu to celebrate the super-success of his latest directorial venture Mankatha.

The case has been registered under the clause ‘atrocity against women’. It is rumoured that after the preliminary round of investigations, Charan would be taken into custody by the Police. After filing the complaint with the police, Sona promptly convened a press conference and cried in front of the scribes as she narrated the sequence of events which reportedly took part after the cocktail party.

Sona has stated in her complaint that Charan came hard at her and disrobed her in front of the many onlookers who were at the party. Charan, son of the legendary playback singer S.P. Balasurbamaniam, had denied the allegations. Police sources say that cases have been filed under as many as 4 sections against Charan.

A police official said that now that a case has been registered, law would take its own course by conducting a preliminary investigation. Meanwhile, Charan didn’t turn up at the police commissioner’s office as expected to present his side of the case.



  1. thala

    cmon, no one can even imagine Legendary SPB’s son doing this….. Unimaginable. Sona, should have some intention of playing this game…after all she is another Bhvaneswari.

  2. Tamil

    Guys, one thing i like to share, one of my friend is producer and close to friend vaibav, Saran called yugendra’s wife for a night during a party, yugenderan s/o of late malaysia vasudevan. he is a womenizer. people seeing the legend SPB instead of loffer saran. he is spoiling his dad’s fame and respect.

  3. vasu

    may be thats y his marriage life was also not a successful one… his true would have been revealed to his wife soon ..thats y she left him alone though she is a mom of his kids … he would have done this. I agree  

  4. Smile

    Looks like things are not in favour of Charan.He could have appeared at the Commissioner’s office to defend himself.Why didn’t he turn up??

    Indha Sona vera press aalunga munnadi vekkam maanam illama elathaiyum solliyirukka.Erkanave eriyudhu adhule litre kanakka mannennaya oothurale evo.No girl will call people and tell such stuff explicitly.Ava manatha avale elam podra.She could sort out things in a private matter.Eppadi oora kooptu asingam panra….

    Ennamo ponga….Kadavulukku than velicham.Pity SPB sir….Ethana varushama katti katha perum pugazhaiyum kaathule patakavittane payapulla…. =-O

  5. thala

    Absolutely correct. Sona should have dealt this pribately….. check the You tube… Type in spb charan in search you guys can see the complete video of the Press meet of Sona..

  6. Rama avatar

    avar oru vaati amukitar kaaiya, but intha ammave video pootu oru pura amukitar amikitr nu vetkame illatha solluthe?

    onnume puriyalaye, iva maantha ivale vangikara! 

    watch her body language her eyes looking towads right side while she narrates the story “fake edited stories”

  7. ht

    I feel sad reading the comments here suggesting Sona should have settled this matter privately in a hush hush manner.

    A women has been molested and outraged her modesty. This is an offence in any country. No woman can be treated in this way, no matter what. No man are allowed to touch a woman without her permission.
    Just becoz woman are weaker sex,  that doesnt mean a man can take advantage of her. No matter what the circumstances is.

    When things like this has happened , by bringing this issue up, Sona has done a brave thing. She is actually like a candle burning herself  and teaching a lesson to other men who misbehave and giving courage to other woman who have been molested to stand up to their rights.

    Why should a woman run and hide when she is mistreated. Doesnt she deserve justice?  Should she allow herself to be bullied by men ?

    woman :- be bold, be brave and fight for your rights and dont let anyone to intimidate you..

  8. Smile

    By saying Sona should have dealt it privately,I did not mean that she should hide herself or ignore the whole matter.Bringing it to light is one thing, but there is a way to do it.She took a bold step by complaining to the police.Let them take legal action.It is sufficient if she narrates the incident to the officials involved in this case.Why must she have a press meet and tell each and every minute detail that happened?Even in the court,I don’t think it is right for the judge/lawyer to ask the victim questions like where did he touch/what he did etc.Isn’t it adding more salt to the wound?Rape/Outrage of modesty should be dealt with severly but at the same time the state of the victim should also be kept in mind.

    It is not funny to tell everyone that she was a victim of a rape attempt.Most woman would want to keep such matters in secrecy.But how is it that she is so willing to tell everything??That is what I am against.

    As a woman myself ,I surely am against the injustice metted out to womanhood.Woman have to be bold and not suffer in silence but also there is a need to tackle any problem wisely.

    If it is true that Charan did such a thing,then severe action should be taken against him.But if he is proved innocent,then Sona has to give a public apology.Sattam ellarukum podhu aana erundhalum seri penna erundhalum seri.

  9. Smile

    Oru ponnuku aniyayam nadandha eppadiyavadhu odane nyayam kidaicha podhumnu pakuranga.But naan enna ninaikirana erkanave udambalaiyum manadhalaiyum chithravadhaiya anubavicha oru victim-a melum kalyapaduthama,avangala asinga paduthama nyayam vazhanganumnu ninaikirean.Thappa??

    Nadandha kodumaiya veliya solradhu vera….velavariya velakkama veliya solradhu vera.The former is alright bec that will give awareness but the latter is not alright because it will give curiosity to people and a bad name to the victim.See the difference in what i meant?

    Like what Rama avatar(Dude,are you truly a Rama avatar???Lol… 😉 )….yup so as what he said,badhikapatta evangale enakku eppadi aiduchunu konjam kooda koocha naacham illama public a ellathaiyum puttu puttu vekkudhey appo yaar maanatha yaar vangina???

  10. thala

    Perfect, see if you check the video, u will know, she indicates that she had been friends with Yuvan and his friends for 8 years or more… As everyone knows SPB Charan is always a part of that gang…. she also indicated that she travels with them all over the world……. The words she uses are so vulgar in that interview with the press….. If Saran is the culprit, he needs to apologise and if she is the culprit, then she needs to be punished severely as it is not fun to degrade some one for no reason…. Time will tell.

  11. jj

    I think she went to the press bcoz she does not have confidence in police as they may be bribed and close the case. as in some many cases we are witnessing where land cheating, movies producer cheated and even when complaints are made to police no action had been taken. Why , influential ppl had bribed the police. 

    By making a press conference she had a wise move so there is no cover up.

    Yes she had made it public of her molest. Even in court when they prosecute definetly they will ask what actually happened. Naturally every detail has to be explained.

    Like ht said the candle has to  burn and melt away to light others.

    I hope this will be a lesson to men who take advantage of woman.
    Let this be a courages lesson for woman who keep quiet and cry inside when they are mistreated.

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