SP Balasubramaniam meets Sona at the Hospital

SP Balasubramaniam meets Sona at hospital

The latest hot talk going around in Kollywood circles is the backdrop in which the legendary playback singer S.P. Balasubramaniam (SPB) met ailing actress Sona at the hospital where the latter is getting treated for her illness. Sona complained to the police last week that film-maker-singer Charan, son of SPB, tried to outrage her modesty at the bash arranged by Venkat Prabhu to celebrate the success of Mankatha.

After filing the complaint with the police and after narrating the sequences to the scribes, Sona landed up at the hospital the very next day complaining of chest pain. The doctors said that she had indeed suffered a ‘mild’ heart attack and had added that she was out of danger and needed rest. Based on Sona’s complaint, the police had reportedly filed cases under 4 sections against Charan.

Even as the press was predicting that Charan’s arrest could be imminent, Charan had filed an anticipatory bail petition with the High Court of Madras stating that he only warned Sona to behave properly after she drank heavily and fell over him. It’s in this backdrop that SPB’s meeting with Sona at the hospital assumes greater significance.

The burly singer met Sona and advised her to take complete rest. SPB is said to have lent a patient ear to Sona’s version of the sequence of events which led to her complaint. Sona reportedly showed the record-breaking singer video evidence of his son’s misbehaviour and said that it was only due to that incident that she suffered the ‘heart attack’.

SPB reportedly apologized to her on his son’s behalf and said that he would arrange for a public letter of apology from his son.



  1. sogal

    i feel so sorry for this legendary singer.. he has to go thru all this shame and humilation bcos of his son..

  2. Smile

    So it is true that Charan did this.Just imagine SPB’s state?Avvalo periya manushan oru ponnu kitta mannipu kekkura nilamai vandhiduchu.Evvalo avamanapattiruparu??Charan has to apologise then…

  3. Indian Lady

    What’s wrong in apologising to a girl, r u a girl, how can u think like this? I respect SPB for his gesture. He has accepted his son’s mistake.

  4. Smile

    People…What i meant was it would have been an awkward situation for SPB.Isn’t it a shame for him to apologise for such an issue?Yes it was magnanimous on his part to do so…i am not denying that.But such a great man bowing his head low infront of a younger girl on behalf of his son…i feel bad.Well that is my opinion.Vayasulaiyum experience laiyum periya manushan erangi vandhu thanna vinnada vayasule chinna ponnu/paiyan kitta mannipu kekardhu ungalukku rombha periyumaiya erukalam.I think tamil enjoys it.But i don’t.If SPB was at fault…i see a reason.But’s its his son’s mistake.He should be the one apologising.Not his father.I don’t understand why tamil is provoking people against me???Oh well…another “fan” of mine….

  5. Smile

    Mannipu kekkalam.Thappu senjavanga.Thappu seiyadhavanga adhuvum vayasule periyavanga mannipu kekardhu kashtama erukkum.

  6. Indian Lady

    Smile – this isnt the first time you have said something and then given clarifications/justifications. Read ur first comment again — u mentioned “Avvalo periya manushan oru ponnu kitta mannipu kekkura nilamai vandhiduchu.” Now you are saying younger girl. You really meant that a man seeking apology from a girl and now you are denying and covering it up.
    Grow up!!!

  7. Indian Lady

    One more thing, everyone has their own opinion(tamil too). I am sure Tamil is as annoyed and irritated with you as others are. The difference is others are not bothered to show it.

  8. Smile

    @Indian lady….It is you who has to grow up not I.Because you failed to understand what i was trying to tell.Well…u already said i was denying/covering things up.So its pointless to make you see things.I have not said anything wrong and i don’t need to give clarifications to the world.Even if i was rude,you could have been polite in ur comment.I would have accepted ur reasoning.But there was arrogance in ur tone so i don’t have to take ur comment into consideration.

  9. Smile

    I didn’t know you were the voice of all KT visitors.Today if u show ur hate to someone,tomorrow there will be someone to hate you as well.If people dislike me,i can’t do anything.It’s their problem.If you can’t tolerate my nonsense,why reply to my comments in the first place?

  10. htt

    HI Smile,

    I think what irked everyone is when u said “Avvalo periya manushan oru ponnu kitta mannipu kekkura nilamai vandhiduchu”  When you said this. it seems that a person who is high ranking and famous had come down and apologised to “A GIRL”.

    Everyone  opposed yr point bcoz the phrase seems like its  shameful for a high ranking man to apologize to “A GIRL”. It seems that “a girl” don’t deserve an apology from a “MAN” . Simple as that …

    I bellieve if you had mentioned that  an elderly man had to apologize to a younger girl  you wouldnt have ruffled so many feathers 🙂

    However, personally I feel no matter how high ranking and elderly a person is , if the person had hurt a younger person he/she  should say sorry.  It shows the person’s humility and respect for another human being.  When we say sorry immaterial of age,caste,race we are much better person…

  11. Smile

    @htt….Thanks for understanding.This is a public forum and people are free to have their say.If people can’t grasp what i am trying to say,they can ask me.I would have explained to them.But before giving me a chance,they come down harsh on me which is why i get irritated.It’s like regulars of KT are just waiting for an opportunity to humiliate me.Why?Is it because i am a Malayalee??I am also a visitor like all of you.Why this indifference towards me?I am straightforward.I say what comes to my mind and i am open to criticism.But there is a way to say stuff without hurting.See you also opposed my view.But there is a difference between urs and the rest which is how it should be.You pointed out my mistake.Now I realise where i went wrong.Thanks for that! I think the rest of the arrogant lot who replied to my comments previously should take a lesson or two from you…..

  12. Indian Lady

    well said htt.
    as for smile, i would rather not comment to her. when we tried telling her the mistake, she started justifying and now another angle to it(malayalee). She is yet to realise that ppl commented on her cos she insulted ‘Girl’ and nothing else. Being straightforward doesnt mean u shd be arrogant. Like i said to her, “Grow up”, she really needs to think over it.

  13. Thala

    Smile is always arrogent and justifies her point tough she is wrong. It is better not to consider he comments at all, coz she doesnt talk sense. Ithele vera Malayalee, Kannadiga yendre paridabama pesarde. 

    If she is proud to be a malayalee let her go n check some malayalee site n comment her shit there. 

  14. htt

    hi Smile

    I dont think anyone in the forum knew that u r a malayalee until u mentioned it. If I am not mistaken?
    Well at least I didnt know..not that it makes any difference to me.

    As for me , I see everyone as God’s creation rather than their race…

    I think most ppl in the forum are  matured and liberal thinking and do not comment or condemn based on race i.e Malayalee,Telegu, or Tamilians etc.

    So dont take things to your heart.

  15. spoilers

    @smile just accept what you said it is that simple and y we need justification ?? No one in the cine feild is good so y we peopl as to argue who is good and bad as this is not the first time such a thing is happening See SPB may be a great singer it doesn’t mean he is great person all aer humans so we have to treat every one as such so nothing wrong in apologing 

  16. sogal

    smile – i think u need to realise something.. when so many ppl are against ur comments, it definitely means something is wrong with ur comments, or at least the way u comment.. maybe u think one thing but dunno how to put it in proper words.. u need some help gal..

  17. Smile

    Endha aapum illai…Not that i can’t talk back but i don’t want to turn this into a fish market.Unlike some,i wish to be gracious.Naan vittukudukuthu porean.Adhule enakku endha avamanamum kevalamum illai.Enakkum aapu vekka theriyum but appadi panna inga erukura sila kedukettavangalukum enakkum endha vithyasamum erukadhu.Edhunga dhan platformna naanuma??Sorry,i have my own class.So say all you want.I am not going to retaliate….

  18. Smile


    No.There are a few people who know that i am a Malayalee.Adha therinjikitta enna venumnu irritate panranga.Previous pagesle appadi comments erukku.If they talk about me,i am not bothered.But Malayalees pathi pesuna enakku kovam varum.Will you watch quietly if someone says bad about Tamils??No right.You will try to defend atleast.Enakkum appadithan.I don’t look down on others.Like you,enakku ellarum onnudhan.Self respect Tamaliansku mattum sondhamanadhu kidaiyadhu.Everyone has it.I am not saying all but there are a bunch who are keen to get my out of Kollytalk.That’s why i asked like that.Not because i want to earn myself a good name or gain sympathy.But like you said,i shall try not to take things to heart.Thanks….

  19. sweetheart

    @ smile

    There is nothing wrong with what you have said.
    the only mistake is as what htt as mentioned. the word has made all of them into giving a mad judgment. anyways i don’t think as how others do.. if everyone above could take it properly by what is the message she is trying to convey .. i don’t think this should have been a long conversation until this point.

    everyone else who have commented.. i think d only group that has to grow up is those who have commented on her statement.

    and by the way.. smile .. just forget about the religion or cast..

    if at all someone here loves to behave as it.. that’s the reason India still like this..

    i love India for its culture and definitely it is a very own rich country but the reason why India has not archived harmony and living in such problems,, is only because the is people behaving so cheaply talking about cast and most importantly….
    they would die if they don’t compare their cast and religion with others JUST TO PUT THEM DOWN!!!

    grow up people!!!

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