Soundarya Rajnikanth poor project manager

Vetrimaran proved his caliber as a fine director with Polladhavan with Dhanush as the hero. Their comfort levels with each other had lead them to team up once again for Aadukalam which is again a Madurai based film with Taapsee Pannu as Dhanush’s lady lead following Trisha who was signed initially dropping out. director Vetrimaran has been doing research on it for a year! He stayed in Madurai and researched on a particular lifestyle Dhanush’s fans are eagerly waiting for the release but it is getting delayed for an extended period of time.

When reasons were probed, it was found that Vetrimaran had given the film for its Computer Graphics related work to Soundarya Rajnikanth’s Ocher studios but the lady  as usual has not stuck to the deadline and has not completed the work. After having waited for more than two months, a visibly peeved Vetrimaran has handed over the job to another company. Meanwhile Dhanush, hero of Aadukalam and brother-in-law of Soundarya was approached for his comment on the issue but he has decided to keep mum. Hopefully the new company that Vetrimaran has handed over the work to should not default and deliver the goods in time so that fans of the director and the hero will be able to enjoy the film soon.

This is not the first time for Soundarya either who has a made Sultan the warrior Project a mess and loosing hope on her Reliance the original producers have dropped out of the movie.



  1. Anonymous

    adipaavi….rajini sir ponnu'nu unakku evalavu periya oppertunity kedacthum ivallo alatchiyama panra……… inime thaan kathukiriya… hmmm ithu usualla ella celibrities'oda varisugal seirathu thaane…….

  2. Anonymous

    enge anthammavuku friends kooda koothu adikarathuke neramilla!!! Idula vera inda vellayellam eppadi correcta seiyu!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    stop blaming her…there are thousands of things that are delayed in this world and in cinema..just because she is the daughter of superstar, you can't insult her like that..
    i am sure you guys are all big procrastinators…clearly you could have been doing something else instead of commenting here..
    if you comment on something or suggest something, you follow it too..not just give advice!

  4. Anonymous

    why do you say that, first you stop giving advice,

    she is a useless just because she is a big stars daughter she is surviving in industry, other wise she would not have even made it through.

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