Soundarya Rajnikanth has to pay for her carelessness

Soundarya Rajnikanth
Soundarya Rajnikanth

Ocher Studios seems to be in heavy loss and may probably shutdown soon. Kollywood’s premier Animation Studio is said to be severely running into loss as Soundarya Rajnikanth has not been able to manage affairs of her own company after her marriage.

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Previously responsible for Goa and then the big ticket Hara  directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth herself that was supposed to be released 2 years back and is still not been able to make it t screens as promised, brings into light a bit the studios poor condition as of now. There is this bitter story rising amongst industry insiders that we came across that we would like you to know.

We hear most of Aadukalam’s delay in release was due to the graphics part not being done by Ocher Studios in time. The nonpayment of salaries, to its employees delayed the execution of graphics for Aadukalam specifically the scenes during the cockerel fight and the crew eventually sought help from EFX Studios to complete the cockerel fight. It was a bad experience to say the least.

Well Soundarya Rajnikanth is surely enjoying being on the better side of her father’s reputation and has definitely been careless with the administration and managerial affairs of her studio.

Incidents like these will surely hamper growth of animated movies in India; let’s hope someone new will take up the flag and reach for the skies soon.



  1. aravind

    peria eduthula ethu ellam sagajamu ga……if the same mistake has been commited by a normal person the media and cine people would have tore them apart….

  2. Ragupathy A

    Hello Soundarya,

    Dont care about the news. You have got great parents and their prayers that will take you high. I have become your fan after watching your interview in NDTV. 

    Good plans never fails.


  3. RAVIN

    this is rubbish news.. rajini compensates even his theatre owners when the movie baba flopped.. u think he would have left his daughter’s employees empty-handed.. dun jus publish news without verifying pls!!

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