Soundarya Rajinikanth Quits Law Exam after Fans trouble

Soundarya Rajinikanth
Soundarya Rajinikanth

Soundarya Rajnikanth, younger daughter of superstar Rajnikanth got married to Ashwin last September. Well, it seems even post marriage she has many admirers who refuse to give up still as she witnessed a terrifying rather embarrassing experience last Sunday when she had been to Puthur in the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh to take her First year Law examinations commencing on January 30th.

Soundarya is currently pursuing law from K.K.C College, Puthur in A.P. and had been to the premises of the Govt. College in Puthur on Jan 30 to attend her examinations. However she had to quit the exam hall without completing her exams properly due to the disturbances made by the candidates inside the exam hall as well as the crowd gathered outside!

We hear many of the candidates entered the hall by hook or by crook as her very presence made the examination an exciting experience.

After she managed to get in scrolling through a huge crowd outside the examination centre waiting in abated breath for a glimpse of the beauty the question papers were distributed, but sadly it could not get the usual attention it deserved this time thanks to Soundarya’s glamour quotient in the hall.
Soon, she requested the Principal to allot a different room for her as is the case with many VVIPS in India, but very rightly she was not allotted any despite her pleading.

Finally Soundarya left the room without completing her exams feeling a bit embarrassed surrounded by an a gush of attention.

Soundarya you are surely living up to your name.

Best of luck with your exams we hope next time there will be no one to disturb when big daddy knows about this.

As for the candidates we expect a mass failure in the results this time, we bet, God save them.



  1. kanravi people

    why the people treat the celebreties like god.. even they are humans.just because of this, the people with fame show as if they are extraordinary from others..bull shit..
    have she done anything good for any group of people??

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