Sonia urged me to go for second marriage: Selvaraghavan

Selvaraghavan - Sonia Agarwal - Gitanjali Raman
Selvaraghavan - Gitanjali Raman, Inset: Sonia - Selvaraghavan

Director Selvaraghavan has ‘revealed’ his heart out on his decision to opt for a second marriage with Gitanjali, one of the assistant directors working under him in his upcoming project titled ‘Erandaam Ulagam’ (earlier titled ‘Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam’ which stars his younger sibling Dhanush and Andrea Jermaiah in the lead.

Selvaa has said that it was Sonia Aggarwal, his legally divorced first wife, who ‘urged’ him to go ahead and marry another woman. Sonia, who debuted as heroine in Selvaraghavan’s ‘Kaadhal Kondein’ more than six years back, later fell in love with him and married him. Skepticism in other’s behaviour marred their relationship, culminating in a much-publicised spat followed by divorce last year.

Both Sonia and Selvaa, though, sound clichéd when they say that they still remain the ‘best of friends’. Sources close to Sonia say that her mobile phone presently has the ring-tone of the mesmerizing ‘Emmela…’ number from her (erstwhile) brother-in-law Dhanush’s latest film ‘Aadukalam’.

Selvaa’s open statement that he has found his ‘true love’ in Gitanjali within months of separating from Sonia Aggarwal has raised a few eye-brows in the industry. While it was rumoured that the news might not have been an easy one for Sonia to digest, she has said that she only wished Selvaa good for the future to come.

Sonia had been urging me for the past few months to go for another marriage, which is proof enough of our ‘friendship’ still continuing. She was mighty happy when I broke her news that I intended to marry Gitanjali. As far as divorce with Sonia is concerned, we had been away from each other much before the formal divorce decree was issued.

“I feel it’s nothing but natural for divorcees to seek another ‘love’ in their lives. Gitanjali is an extremely good girl who loves cinema a lot. We do understand each other’s feelings very well, I presume,” said Selvaa.



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