Sonia Agarwal on crash-course to speak in Tamil in films

Sonia Agarwal to speak Tamil

Actress Sonia Aggarwal’s career has been going great guns indeed. The actress, who divorced her husband and director Selvaraghavan last year, was widely expected to go back to her native Punjab and settle down preferably with a new family set-up. The guts and determination that was burning inside her has made her make a comeback in Tamil films.

Sonia’s comeback was a small role in ‘Vaanam’, which was successful and appreciated by the audience and the print and television media. Not limiting herself to playing just those sundry roles, Sonia has gone ahead and signed along dotted lines to play lead roles in not one but two films: ‘Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam’ and ‘Matha Pitha Guru’.

By doing so, Sonia has surely broken the jinx of married/divorced actresses not getting to play lead roles in films. In fact, she seemingly appears more sexy and sensuous nowadays. Her only regret is that despite spending close to a decade in Chennai after debuting in Selvaa’s ‘7-G Rainbow Colony, she is still not able to muster the local language.

While the likes of Namitha and Tamannaah, who came in the industry much later than Sonia are able to speak fluently in Tamil, Sonia is still in the ‘learning’ curve. Now that she is about to play the lead role in two films, it is said that she has been devoting one hour every day sincerely to learn Tamil through a tutor.


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  1. Smile

    No actually i feel pity for Selva.Sonia did make a good wife.She called off her marriage bec of his so called “friendship” with Andrea.Endha pondatti adha poruthukuva?Eppo vandha pondattiya vida Sonia was better nu thonudhu.Anyways,good for both of them.No use of faking a relationship when there is no meaning.They have moved on which is how it should be…

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