Sona Airport Controversy

Sona irked at quizzing at Airport by customs officials

Sona Airport Controversy

Buxom actress Sona can’t stay away from making news for whatever reason. The sexy actress was delayed by the customs officials at Chennai Airport who asked her to pay the requisite fee so that she can take with her the huge load of readymade garments she had purchased during her visit abroad.

After a prolonged argument with the customs officials, Sona said that she’d come later and pay the fee to take back her clothes. Sona, who runs a boutique in Chennai, has the habit of going abroad frequently from where she used to purchase garments, fashion objects and other things required for her shop.

On returning from Bangkok via a Thai Airways flight, Sona was checked by the customs officials when they found that she had brought goods worth more than Rs.27,000 from Thailand, where garments are said to be available at cheap rates. The officials promptly told her to first pay the customs duty for those items and then take her luggage back home.

Sona argued with the officials for a long time and said she’d not pay any fee. The officials were adamant that they won’t her take the luggage without paying the requisite customs duty. Sona then said that she didn’t have the money with her and left the place in anger saying that she’d send her assistant later who would collect those items.


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