Sona insists on Public Apology from SPB Charan

Sona insists on public apology from spb charan

In the latest twist to the accusation actress Sona levelled against playback singer Charan that he tried to sexually assault her at a party held to celebrate the success of Ajith’s Mankatha, the sexy Sona Heiden has said that she was ready to withdraw her complaint filed with the police if Charan apologize to her in public.

After Sona filed a case against Charan, his father and legendary playback singer SPB went to the Hospital where Sona has been admitted after she complained of chest pain. SPB’s attempt to broker a truce between Sona and his son and his persuasion of the actress to withdraw the case appears to have gone vain as the actress is hell-bent on eliciting a public apology from Charan in this regard.

In his petition filed before the High Court of Madras seeking anticipatory bail, Charan has said that it was Sona who behaved in a manner which was very ‘tempting’. “She was apparently under stress due to the losses suffered as a producer; as such, she thought of seducing me to take from me as much money as she can. She has filed a wrong case because I warned her to behave properly,” Charan’s petition states.

“Charan did outrage my modesty her in front of many on-lookers. I know who were present at that time; they are all witnesses to the incident and I expect them to come forward to depose on their own. If they depose in favour of Charan, I’d file cases against them too…Unless Charan tenders a public apology, the question of me withdrawing the complaint doesn’t’ arise,” says Sona who claims to have a ‘clinching video evidence’ in the case.



  1. Smile

    It is now evident that Charan did this.Because SPB himself apologized to Sona and has assured her that he would make his son give a public apology.Why must SPB do this if Charan was innocent??Charan has to apologise for his actions.I am surprised this Venkat Prabhu gang who were a witness to this assault are keeping mum.Their silence just shows that they are supporting Charan.Shame!

  2. ranu

    I completely agree with you
    SPB will never go see her if his son was innocent and all the people who were present in the party are taking charan’s side
    They are all numskulls and cowards
    She should stay strong and net let them get away with this
    Now she knows who are her friends and this will teach her lesson not to be associated with gang of men
    women gets the respect if they respect themselves

  3. Aravind

    The real problem is not abt sexual assult… there is something between them…… which in turned ugly………. both of the people are in cinema and only the insiders know abt it…… SPB may try to save the reputation of his family but solving the problem….. it does nt mean that Sona is speaking truth….. if she was a moral gal why hell she went for the party midnight and drink…. She is a total bitch

  4. Nags

    Its like a passing cloud. People who wants to be in headlines for sometime need to create such incidents and show to the people that they are there in the world. We can see so many people who were in the industry and does not do like this are completely out of the industry. Hence everyone in this industry needs such things for thier fame whether it is good or bad. After a while, this will pass away and people will forget it. Looks like both sides, people are trying to utilize as much as possible and get the publicity. If not they could have settled out without this publicity.

  5. Soola karuppan

    sona lost money as producer -she ‘s desperate to get some money in form of settlement with SPB family .by the way this is cheap .I know charan shud have been more sensible in the first place but its now going to haunt him …

  6. Vijay

    spb charan would have surely done this… and according to me he should ask appology to sona… but my doubt here is, in a gang of guys, why did sona go alone that too at night after 11… our govt had clearly ban having alchoal party after 11 in pvt place… but she being a women doing such nasty act should not be justified. u can say that women have rights to do such nasty things like guys do… i agree… i am giving equal importance to women… then even if she gets such nasty treatment from spb charan, she have to take it she had done a mistake… no use of blaming… Even if my sister or my friend had done same thing, i will say this only… i am not against women but in this issue both are wrong…

  7. Vasigaran

    Oru paiyaen eppadi behave pannadhanalae sona case potta, eddae sona eppadi charan kittae endha madhiri misbehave panni apporum avan case kuduthirundha nambha oru makkal avanae 9nu solli oru moolaiyilae ookara vechiduvangae … Wen do we get equal rights…Do u people think girls dey never urge for sex…Even dey do…. suppose if guys ignore to hav sex den he is called as 999999999…. Even police hesitate to file a case…I strongly oppose dis, even guys need equal rights like how women enjoy laws of our country.. 

  8. Smile

    @Vasigaran.That is what I said previously.Police should not act hastily without knowing the truth.Just because Sona is a girl,avanga solradhu ellam unmainu aayidadhu.Women can also lie.That too it was certainly wrong on her part to have attended the party.But SPB himself went and apologized.And Charan did not say anything when she brought this matter to light.Only now he showed his disapproval by filing a defamation case against Sona.This makes me think there must be some truth on what she says…

    I feel Sona and Charan could have settled this among themselves legally without making it public.

  9. Smile

    @Vijay.Agreed.Sona shouldn’t have attended such a party in the first place.Enna dhan equal rights kuduthalum,women have to be cautious.

  10. Vasigaran

    @Smile…Do u think she never had sex till date for money & fame….Having sex wit loved ones is different thats a different feeling & at a same time its like expressing our love towards each other, i am not saying having sex before marriage is sin but forcefully how many times she might had sex…She never complained all these days on any1 but y now on SPB Charan…Something wrong between dem or she might have planned for a long term who knows..

  11. sar

    vayasaana kaalathula ithellam theva thaana? kelaviki lolla paaru, egathalatha paaru.  Kaala kaalathula kalyanam panni settle aagiruntha ithellam nadanthirukuma?

  12. November

    Case # 0009 – Charan Vs Sona

    SPB Charan – Indian / Hindu / Brahmin / Indian Passport Holder/ Telugu
    Sona Heiden – Singaporean / Christian / Singapore Citizen / Mixed Origin or Half Tamil

    SPB Charan – Good Family values
    Diana Heiden – Single mother

    SP Charan -Divorcee after marriage
    Diana Heiden – Never Married

    Proof: Video

    How long this video was shot?
    Whose phone / cam was it?
    What was the motive for this video?
    Did someone else shoot the video to blackmail SPB Charan and Sona act as a ploy?
    Did someone else shoot this video to blackmail Sona and show to Sona and she plan to blackmail SPBC on the same video?
    Will any girl go ALONE to a rave’s party where only men attended AFTER 10PM?
    Will any girl allow someone else to shoot her without her knowledge, during this MMS era?
    If it was unknown to her knowledge, does not it mean either she was drunk or someone else voyeuristically shoot this video with a motive?, if yes, who is that person?

    When India has 1 cop for every 1,00,000 Indians and is experiencing rapes every milli second across the country, are we all not mad talking about boozing sessions, eberrated behaviours and breast pressing sessions of two party animals who are no more virgin????

    Police should concentrate on much more sensible jobs than these silly behaviours people who do not know what to do with their opulence.Every second, there is a death due to malnutrition in India and we’re busy arguing about who combed the bald head….

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