Sona Heiden does Mutrugai Porattam in front of Charans house

Sona Heiden goes Mutrugai Porattam in front of Charans house

The Sona HeidenS.P.B. Charan controversy seemed to have settled down with Charan being granted interim anticipatory bail from the Madras High Court.(Now only if Sona would let go….)The actress had demanded Charan to submit a written apology within 10 days, with the deadline coming to an end this past Sunday as Charan failed to present any form of apology. Consequently, Sona has decided to cook things up just a little bit more.

She has made up her mind to go on ‘Mutrugai Porattam’ (a demonstration) in front SP Charan’s house this Monday.(Gawwd….what will be going through senior SPB’s mind.) This time Sona is not alone in her outrageous agitation for being ‘sexual assaulted’. Kollytalkers will remember that it all started with the Mankatha celebration party at Vaibhav’s house with things being blown totally out of proportion. Sona says that she’s got the full support of the ‘Jhansi Rani Women And Children Activists’ Association’ as they were generous enough to offer a helping hand towards this burning issue.:) A ready-to-raise-hell Sona said, “I will voice out my agitation in front of Charan’s house and will also submit evidence to the police after the protest. I am not going to leave this issue that easily.”

Oh! Sona, Oh! Sona – ‘Bandh Karo ye Rona Dhona’ (Stop this Hue and Cry…)






  1. Smile

    Maanam poradhu SPB familyku mattum illai….even for Sona.Why isn’t she talking about Venkat Prabhu and PremGi??I saw a few stills the other day at KT.She was so close with PremGi…to me it doesn’t look like friendship…surely something more.Avanga mela ellam yean case podale?

  2. re

    She knows, she is going to party.What will happen in party? she know all,why she attend the Party???

    Before attend the party she planned for drama

  3. Smile

    Adhu valiba vayasu illai.Kozhupeduthu vayasu.Endha decent girlum oru male friend kooda avvalo nerukama ukkara matta.SPB Charan panradhu thappuna,PremGi panradhum thappudhane?Valiba vayasuna eppadi venumnalum erukalama?Jollya erukalam,enjoy pannalam….it’s not wrong.But there should be a limit.

  4. priya

    Well, well dont have words to describe this woman man! she is utmost insane i guess. The fault is hers. not that she’s not been molested by other people before but the issue gets moe interesting becoz its spb charan. I think she’s aiming for somethig BIG….No morals of her own as women should not be talking and giving press meets to prove her so called innocence. Woman of good family also will not talk about it. She probably gave that kind of impression to man to make a pass. Firstly, she has change her lifestyle. And so call my best friends for 8 years with the guys an dexpect people to think that nothing happens between them. EXCUSE ME SONA…..grow up. If you want the money, just go and sleep with few more rich people. Ohhhhh…you probably didnt get any, so you have to make use ofthis opportunity.
     i guess. I dont know nuts about Spb charan but if he has done it, he too will have to face it. as it is he does not have a good marriage life, so he started flirting.

  5. Anon

    Partykku Pona party enjoy pannama y she was video shooting wat charan was doing to her… its all humbug… She planned well to defame Charan..

  6. Angry Indian


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