Sona heads to foreign nation,calls SPB Charan a good friend

Sona Heiden heads to foreign nation calls SPB Charan a good friend

The dispute between Sona Heiden and SPB Charan has eventually been put to rest. The actress had filed a case against senior SPB’s son accusing him of sexually assaulting her during a party being held at Vaibhavs place. This party was supposed to be a grand celebration for the success of Thala Ajiths Mankatha which saw the presence of the entire Mankatha team including director Venkat Prabhu.

Sona’s claim-to-fame was soon to follow with her accusations of being mishandled by Charan. She had also provided an ultimatum of 10 days, which was casually ignored for reasons best known to Charan. On not receiving a written apology from Charan , an agitated Sona decided to get the support of the Jhansi Rani Women activists in order to stage a  Mutrugai Porattam in front of Charans house. Howsoever with police interfering into the matter Sona was not allowed to take forward her protest march, throwing cold water on her plans of getting unwanted media attention. Now we hear that the spat is over between the two with their mutual friends successfully resolving the issue. Sona will soon leave to a foreign nation to avoid any more distracters. She was quoted saying, “ Charan has always been a good friend and I wish him all the luck Thanks for all the support rendered by the media in highlighting the issue “.

Time to CHILLAX! for Sona. (Yeah… you did work hard to get some attention)



  1. CT

    But this one is better than the close relationship south indian media and the poor beggars in the public share with the black whore wife of Ajith. Sona evalavo mael…

  2. Smile

    Clearly,Sona has done this to grab attention.After all the hue,she still has the cheek to call Charan her friend.So what reason is she going to give for defaming him?Oh we were just playing hide and seek??I am not going to trust anymore news from this lady and her so called friends.Ellam ore kuttaile oorina mattainga….

  3. Nothing But the truth

    So Nithyananda.. Sona …. Rajini …. lokpal …. ppl are always cheated or gather mass for unnecessary issues like tis irrespective of thinking what is truth and wht not …. pple shuld change …think abt uerself and not others … let India grow and everyone shuld fight for Indian visas…… 

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