Sona heiden

Sona dissociates herself from ‘tissue paper’ remark

Sona heiden

Sexy Sona has dissociated herself from the news ascribing her to describing menfolk as ’tissue paper’ which should be used and disposed off soon after its purpose is over. “Most of my friends are men and that being the case, how can I say such things about men?” is her response to a question about what she felt about the proposed protest in front of her residence.

In a recent interview, Sona had reportedly remarked that men are like ’tissue paper’. The remark elicited sharp reaction from many within and outside the industry with the Tamil Nadu Men’s Welfare Association condemning her statement in strictest terms. It has also announced that unless Sona withdrew her remarks, they would soon be staging protest in front of her house in Chennai.

Anticipating trouble, the police have spruced up security at Sona’s residence and office. “It’s unfortunate that the press has carried news items attributing many things to my name while I have said none of it…as many as 99 percent of my friends are of the opposite sex…how in the world am I expected to make the remark which is attributed to me?” Sona asked when her reaction was sought to the protest notice.

“I do have respectful regards for men though it’s a fact that I have said many times in the past that I would never get married in my life…that’s a purely personal matter on which none except me has a say,” concludes Sona.

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