Sneha:the story that was narrated to me was changed during the making

Sneha who was seen was seen with some of the excellent performance in Autograph, Pirivom Sandhippom, Achachamundu! Achachamundu! was expected to repeat the same in her latest releases Vande Mataram with Mammootty and Arjun, and the Malayalam film, Shikar, with Mohanlal. But, in both these films, she had no major impact creating roles.

When the actress  was contacted to ask what she was promoting we didnt see on screen Sneha replied  “I have no control over the final package that appears on screen. In Vande Mataram, the story that was narrated to me was changed during the making itself seems and I’m now told my role was drastically reduced. I think you should go and ask the director of the film why my role was cut, because I have no idea about it. As far as Shikar is concerned, I knew that I was the pivot around which the film revolves and, doing a film with Lalettan (Mohanlal) was a dream come true. I shot for less number of days for Shikar than Vande Mataram and now, with Shikar turning out to be a super hit, I’m flooded with offers in Malayalam.

Now after these two films she has started gung-ho on her next release , Bhavani IPS, a remake of yesteryear heroine Vijayshanthi’s Vyjayanthi IPS. Says Sneha, “I’m really kicked about doing my first full-length action film, in which I have done some spectacular action scenes. It has been one of my toughest assignments. It took me three days to look and act like Bhavani and believe me, I was told not to smile, and curb my soft nature on screen and look tough and mean!,”

Never Mind She still has  Murattu Kaalai, Vidiyal and Ponnar Shankkar to speak on even if Bhavani IPS does not go well .



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