Sneha’s strength is Namitha

Snehas friend Namitha

Actress Sneha has opined that her contemporary Namitha is her best friend. “Whenever I feel down and out, I can always count on Namitha’s help to bring me back to my normal mood,” Sneha has said.

Sneha and Namitha starred together in the film Naan Avan Illai a few years back. The film, which had Jeevan playing the male lead, was directed by Selvaa and was the remake of a popular film of the same name which starred the late and legendary Gemini Ganesan in the lead role.

Ever since they starred in the film, Namitha and Sneha had been spotted hanging out together. Many a time, they are seen to be dining together at some of the city’s most-sought after restaurants whenever Namitha happens to be in Chennai. Recently, the duo had been to London to take part in a star nite. After performing in separate dance numbers at the event, they went around the main streets of London and shopped together.

Talking about her friendship with Namitha, Sneha says that “Though we actresses are popular figures, we are also ordinary human beings. We too undergo all the emotions like any other man. Whenever I feel depressed or downcast, I used to speak to Namitha who would be in Mumbai most of the times. Her consoling words would put me back on track.

“In the (Kollywood) industry, Namitha happens to be the only friend with whom I can share all me feelings and worries. I love her a lot. In fact, beyond my parents who have always stood by me all these years, Namitha happens to be my only and most-powerful sources of strength,” concludes Sneha.


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