Sneha to don swim-wear for a Telugu film

Sneha Swimming Suit

The ‘homely’ Sneha is all set to shatter her so-called ‘homely’ image by donning a swim-wear as her costume in a sequence in an upcoming Telugu film of hers. The actress, who had long been postponing donning the (mandatory) swim-wear saying that the particular costume may not look nice on her body, has agreed to do so now.

A Telugu film director has reportedly spoken to Sneha and convinced her to don the said costume in the film. It is said that the offer of heroine was conditional and wouldn’t have been Sneha’s had she not agreed to done the swim-wear. Speaking to the Telugu press reently, Sneha said “I have been in the industry for the past ten years now. I have consciously created an ‘image’ for me.

“People associate my name only with homely characters sans any glamour. I have never starred in glamourous roles so far in my career. Still, I had never said in the past that I won’t be donning the swim-wear in films. As far as I am concerned, script is the main thing for me. I accept or deny a film offer based on the script.

“All the films I have starred in so far might not have ended up as commercial hits but have earned me good name. If the script demands me to put on the swim-wear, I won’t mind doing the same,” Sneha concludes.



  1. Ram

    After all she is also a call girl. Anybody who gives lots of money they do  ANYTHING. she might have ACTED as the homely girl, this is her real colour or business colour. if you give lot of money and ask her to remove everything before the camera or with out the camera they would do them. Don’t make them god.It’s our foolishness

  2. Smile

    Sneha,you too?I don’t understand the logic behind “script demands it so I do it”.From kissing to bikini,all actresses say this.Enna script-o ponga.Andha scriptle petrol oothi kolutha.

  3. jeev

    when they dont much films in hand, to cope up with thier expensive life style they have to do dress reduction, tv ads, shop opening ceremony, item dance etc… 

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