Sneha launches stand-for-digital-television scheme

Actress Sneha @ Reliance Digital

Actress Sneha appears to have fallen out of favour with producers and directors who realized it would be better to stay away from her if they wanted their films to have a ‘decent run’ at the box-office. Sneha, however, manages to stay in the public eye by taking part in awards functions and in inauguration of jewellery showroom and other commercial places.

Her recent assignment was to inaugurate a novel scheme by Reliance which has thrown an open challenge to the public: whosoever stands without moving an inch at the same place for 24 hours would be gifted a digital colour TV worth Rs.1.00 lakh. Reliance, one of the leading industrial houses in India, has recently launched its chain of electronic stores in major cities across the country.

The Chennai Branch, owned by Mukesh Ambani, was inaugurated by Sneha at Anna Nagar. The Firm offers almost all electronic items of all brands under one roof. The digital showroom was inaugurated by the actress who usually draws a lot of crowd and on-lookers wherever she goes. The scheme was formally announced to the public by Sneha.

After getting to know of the scheme, many have already started to stand outside the outlet willing to take up the challenge of standing at the same place for 24 hours! It, however, remains to be seen as to how many of them manage to pull it off!



  1. sneha

    why people wants to shut young beautiful intelligent woman from being entreprenuar by getting married and become stay home mom and wife? grow up ppl!!!

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