Sneha insists her marriage would be an arranged one


Actress Sneha has this uncanny knack of staying in the news despite not starring in a single Tamil film as on date. The actress’ last outing in theatres was ‘Bhavani IPS’, a forgettable action film which nose-dived at the box-office. Director Kichchaa’s unsuccessful attempt at portraying Sneha as an action star on the lines of yesteryear’s actress Vijayashanthi proved futile and fatal.

With not a single award to show for her ‘acting prowess’, Sneha remains busy though by inaugurating various shops and jewellery marts across the State. She was inaugurating one such jewellery store in Cuddalore when she opined that her marriage, as and when it is finalized, would only be with a guy chosen by her parents.

Sneha, who is spotted in more commercials on the telly than in films in theatres, appeared quite happy that despite the scorching Sun, a huge crowd had collected in the small town to have a look at her from close quarters. There was a mini-commotion as Sneha got down from her car but was led to the jewellery mart ‘safely’ by the police and the security guards of the mart.

She performed the customary ritual of lighting the lamp and cutting the cake. She then spoke to presspersons and said that she still has a ‘long way to go’ as she has to ‘achieve’ a lot in films (provided she gets an offer to act). She added that money is not the criterion for her to take up film offers and revealed that she is determined to do ‘dignified’ roles alone.

Wonder what she means by ‘dignified’ roles!



  1. socks

    40 vayasuku mela employment office la irunthe pera terminate panniduvanga theriyatha sneha? intha kelatu vayasuku mela kalyanama? waste.

    but much better than trisha.

  2. RJN

    உங்களுக்கு லவ் மேரேஜ் நடக்காது, எல்லோரும் சுந்தர் C. மாதிரி இருக்க மாட்டாங்க.

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