Sneha goes glamourous for Nisha Fairness Cream Ad

Sneha Nisha Brand Advertisement

Probably for the first time, actress Sneha has starred in a glamourous costume in an advertisement for promoting a beauty-product. The actress, who is widely seen by most of her fans as a typical ‘homely girl’, has seldom starred in revealing costumes or ‘hot’ and ‘intimate’ sequences in her decade-long career in films.

She also has the knack of staying in the news by opening a jewellery shop or some other commercial establishment. These assignments keep her busy as she doesn’t appear to have any single film on hand in Kollywood except for a film opposite Sarath Kumar. The actress recently shot for an advertisement at Chennai’s AVM Studios.

Those who were watching the making of the advertisement couldn’t believe their eyes as Sneha, clad in a purple colour low-cut single-piece dress, posed sexily and provocatively to promote the sale of the product which she was endorsing through the ad. Queries revealed that the advertisement was being shot to promote the Malaysia-based Nisha brand of cosmetic products.

Incidentally, it was Sneha who recently inaugurated the sale of these cosmetic products in Chennai. Soon, you can watch her on the telly in a ‘sexy’ avatar endorsing these beauty products!



  1. Vasin

    No; displaying static(eg.beach looks) and dynamic(eg.ballet) physical prowess is natural to all species including human. These are basic instincts to attract; these don’t change in amillion years; and it depends on the way you do it that adds the dimension of culture to the core act or attribute. Puriyama pesitrikeenga neengalum Smile um; arukareenga.

  2. Smile

    Enna ezhukalaina ungalukku pozhudhu vidaiyadhe.Puriyama erukardhu neengadhan.You are the blade.Aruvaiyin maru peyar Vasin.Naan seriyadhan pesikitu erukean.

  3. Smile

    @Vasin.Ungalaiyum oru manushanu madhichu oru tyagi avaroda magala kudukurare.What a noble soul!And the girl who has agreed to marry you…where is her legs?I want to take her blessings!!!!!!

  4. june

    @smile avana kalyanam panniradhikku avalikku kann theriyathu..kai kaal illai…and kaadhu kekadhu…athaan nambita

  5. Smile

    @June….really? Aiyo paavam ponnu.Even being disable,she is giving life to Vasin sacrificing her own.What a thyagi she must be.May the almighty give her strength to cope with Vasin and his great ideologies….

  6. Gothildhavanu

    @ Dk & @ Smile Avanamman neevu ebru evanga thika muchkondu edhrae, nimgae olaedhu… Avan akkan berae avarigae kannada barala onkond edhira… Nimmibara thika kuyithini… Kannada language n entha cheap website alli akthiralla nimgae yenu nachikae agalva…Thu nim amman…

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