Sneha Gets Obscene SMS From Raghavendra

Sneha - Raghavendra

Actress Sneha has been receiving obscene and threatening SMSes again. According to reports, Sneha’s father Rajaram Naidu has lodged a complaint with the Commissioner of Police,  that the Bangalore business man Raghavendra was harassing her by sending repeated sexy and threatening messages.

As per the complaint, he was repeatedly sending SMSes urging her to marry him. He is also said to have sent threatening messages to the actress since she did not respond to him.

The 36-year old Raghavendra had already been arrested by sleuths of the Cyber Crime Cell last year for allegedly sending obscene and threatening SMSes to the actress.

Sneha’s father said, “The case against Raghavendra has already been happening in Saidapet Court, Chennai. Now he has started again sending obscene messages. My daughter (Sneha) is undergoing mental agony and frustration.”. He also requested the commissioner to take the legal steps.

The commissioner has requested the Cyber Crime Cell to deal with the case.



  1. Designer

    namba thediporatha vida nambala theidi wantha kathala ethukitta valikai santhoshama irukum sneha because you are an actress so no one will come forward to you to marry you. may be meena pola rambha pola old vayasula thaan kalyanam.

    accept the offer!! he loves you so much it seems intha valila aachum unna kavara paakarar pola

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