Sivakumar-Kamarajar was the Dark Gandhi


Sivakumar  was the special guest at the function to release the book ‘Marathal Thagumo’ written by Puducherry Senior Police Officer Srikanth.The Veteran actor Sivakumar openly claimed he is a disciple of Thanthai Periyar and there can be no body like Periyar today. Sivakumar made this bold statement at a book release function in Chennai recently.

Speaking at the function Sivakumar said “None of us ever tried to live like Mahatma Gandhi. We live our lives in our own way in the name Gandhi. Kamarajar was the Dark Gandhi. He died with only a pair of chapplas. He refused to accept even the Prime Minister position that was offered to him. Such a simple man he was. By opening 36,000 schools he opened the knowledge eyes of a generation. But we defeated him in the crucial elections. Not once but twice. Back stabbing is a feature of Tamils. But Kamaraj is a valuable page of history but we are not.

Adding to his views Sivakumar further said “I believe in God but I don’t go to temples. Here I like the Thanthai Periyar who said there is no God. If you understand Periyar well you will find no fault in his ideologies. It’s absolutely wrong to see Periyar as only a man who denied the existence of God. He said dont ask God for favours because he knows what you need. I like this thought. If one lives with character he doesn’t have to go to temples.

I respect Periyar as God and I am proud to declare myself a disciple of him. There can be no one like Periyar.”


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