Siva Sivaa based on sex scandals of priest Devanathan

Siva Sivaa Movie Still

The upcoming film, ‘Siva Sivaa’ directed by Sivash, is said to be based on the ‘sexual escapades’ of temple priest Devanathan and the film features Kumaran Karthick and Sivash himself in the lead with Sukhani and Natshatra playing the female leads.

When the film was sent to the Censors for certification, the members of the Board objected to certain ‘dialogues’ and ‘sequences’ resembling the real-life priest’s life. The Censor Board also had put its feet down and reportedly removed certain dialogues and sequences in the film.

Surprisingly, after deleting the said portions, the Censor Board has cleared the film with ‘U’ Certification.

Director Sivash says that he only wanted to drive home the evil things which would afflict society when a priest turns an evil-minded man. Though not happy with the ‘cuts’, he is somewhat relieved that the film got away with an ‘U’ Certificate.



  1. erimalai

    if the scandal happened in some minority religion, will the same ppl have guts to keep the god’s name as their film title, thats where we all bowled out…

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