Singer Shreya Ghoshal to act in a Bollywood movie

Singer Shreya Ghoshal to act in a Bollywood movie

A beautiful voice and her hourglass figure has won Shreya Ghoshal well-wishers all over the country and who can forget her Un Perai Sollum(Angadi Theru which won last years  South Filmfare Award  and Mannippaya(Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa) which won 2011 Vijay Awards Best Female Singer. Shreya has achieved so much at a young age that any word of appreciation will be less to compliment her merits. It’s been a total of 180 movies as a singer and now the singer has been bombarded with offers not just for her singing but also to star in movies.

Just some time back there was news for being offered a big Kollywood project with producers willing to burn their pockets with any amount being demanded. On further inquiry, the sugar-face revealed that she had denied the offer. But now looks like she has had a sudden change of mind as the actress has agreed to act in an upcoming Bollywood movie. The news comes as a shocker for those who heard Shreya deny her Kollywood offer saying, “My first priority has always been singing as I am happy to be blessed with a good voice. I feel I was born to sing. If I start to act I won’t be able to give enough time to singing and only sacrifice on my priorities”

Now when all is said and done Shreya’s fans down South will feel a bit betrayed with her acting debut up North.



  1. Smile

    Sigh…Solradhu onnu seiyardhu onnu.Then why did she say she was not interested in acting?She could have said if i get i chance,i wouldn’t mind trying.Anyways its her wish.Let’s see…

  2. htt

    ya …but we all read and give our views based on the news in this site…whether all the news here is true or not is not guranteed…So this news is also in the same genre…

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