Singer Shreya Ghoshal rejects acting offer

Singer Shreya Ghoshal rejects acting offer

‘Munbe vaa’ angel Shreya Ghoshal recently bagged a Filmfare Award for the song titled Un Perai in Angadi Theru. Nowadays she is seen in a television ad for the leading jewelry brand Joy Alukkas on local telly sets. The commercial showcases Shreya’s peachy looks accompanied by her mellifluous voice, as she stands by a piano flaunting her rich jewelry collection.

Now this particular ad campaign has not only generated enough sales for the jewelry store but also saw some plump offers coming Shreya’s way asking her to don heroine’s role for some big banners. Howsoever the actress doesn’t seem pleased with this shift of interest of her fans and the producers as she refused all offers to star in any of the movies. A focused Shreya opines, “Acting isn’t meant for me I was born to sing and am blessed to be gifted with a beautiful voice. There have been a lot of offers knocking at my door but I have shown no interest whatsoever. Singing has made me what I am today and it holds a special place in my heart. I won’t sacrifice it for anything else even if it’s a top role being offered”

Now while many of her fans will be disappointed, tell us how many of you still want to see her onscreen. Drop in the comments below.



  1. Example

    Its a good example… whr it proves…people shine well in what they love to do… Dont change mind coz somebody says. Good Luck Shreya ..your rock!

  2. Smile

    She has the looks plus her magical voice.She can try acting but provided she chooses good scripts that have scope for performance and not indulge in cheap skin shows…But i am glad that she has chosen singing over acting.

  3. Vasin

    Hey Smile Wider picture a paarkave maatya? Skin show illina marupadyum crusade war times ku return aaganum nu solreya? Girls um avangaloda beauty um than men a war athu ithu nu poikama vechruku.

  4. june

    the only reasons girls flaunt their skin is cause men demand for it….nobody goes for classy girls, its all sluts….wat do u expect?

  5. Vasin

    Apdi sollatheenga june! Shallow! We men are single dimensional; we have more physical power and would like demonstrate it through avdenture. Girls have beauti and many other pluses over men. They like to demonstrate it. Nothing wrong in it.

  6. june

    men and women are equal….they should be modest and not biased based on gender….dimensions..pffft….determination is everything….odamba true va love panravanikku mattum thaan kattanum..oorikku illai….adhe mathiri oru ponna patha porikki a aga kudathu….unakku puriyathu thambi

  7. Smile

    @Vasin…I’ll cite you an example just for arguement’s sake.Take Anushka.She has done many glamourous roles and shown her skin like anything.But till date there are only 2 films in which people recognise her.Arundhathi and DT.Why?Because she did not depend on glamour but acting.Expressions…emotions.That is what captivated the audience.So glamour is short lived.For acting,you need talent.As what June said,movies are made with such cheap skin shows only bec men like you demand it.If u start liking a girl who who she is despite her looks,there would be no need for skin shows.I don’t know about you.But for me,i feel a girl should only show her body to one person.That is her husband.If she shows it to the world,we have another name for her.Oru aambale oru ponna partha,mariyadhai varanum.Kai eduthu kumbidanumnu thonanum.Appadi nadandhukarava dhan ponnu.Oru ponna partha udane oru ambalaiku thappana ennam thonichuna,andha ponnu nalla ponnu kidaiyadhu.I hope i didn’t bore you.Puriyudha?

  8. Smile

    @Vasin…Everyone is talented.God has instilled a special quality in each one of us.We can only do what we enjoy and what is best for us.As for Shreya,its her voice.So she should thank the almighty for that and reach greater heights in singing….

  9. Vasin

    Being passionate a irkarathu OK..I mean singing or onnoda field la..athu irkatum…but as a girl you would definitely want to feel good about your looks more than us; sure; acting would make you feel that way illa…actor a select aana athuku artham she is accepted as a very beautiful person…so which girl wouldn’t want it?

  10. Smile

    @Vasin….Well,neenga solra madhiri girlsum erukanga.At the same time,Shreya madhiri girlsum erukanga.Beautiful yet homely.The don’t find they need to display their physical appearance rather they want to captivate people with their talent.I rather dance in an auditorium than dancing in a film.Get it?
    And you should stop this bad habit of MFing others.What wrong did June do?He was explaining to you.Instead of thanking him,ur badmouthing him.That’s so dirty of you.Say sorry to June anna.

  11. Smile

    @Vasin….One more time u use MF in ur comments at me,that will be the last conversation of both of us.I am damn serious.I am not here for cheap talks mind you.

  12. san

    Shreya is an excellent singer and has proved it many times … its for sure if taken an oppurtynity she would prove her acting talents too. She do have a good look to be an actoress … i believe lot of her fans would love to see her in screens …

  13. Missy

    In Tamil Cinema 98% Girls do not have any story. They only comes to show their body. Comedians got more story then the heroine. In tamil cinema they do not look for talent girls. They look for girls who can come with less cloth. Its discussing. 

  14. Smile

    @Vasin…Ok.Apologies accepted.But do not repeat it again….It is fair.Learn to respect a woman.U may think its cool or fine but using MF is a very cheap thing to do.I am completely against it.Even if we want to scold a person,we should not use such words.We can it to them without these obscene languages.I don’t have any right to advice you.Pls do as you wish.But don’t use this while commenting me.I am sorry if i said too much.

  15. Vasin

    Athukilla…spur la solliten…but I do take care when I converse with you…atha you overlooked and came down hard… athan I felt you behaved unfair…enkuda antha maathri kovichkatha…I deserve better.

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