Singamuthu warns Vadivelu to watch his words


“It would be better for Vadivelu’s own sake if he watch his words while campaigning for his party,” warns Singamuthu, who has been actively involved in the campaign process in support of the AIADMK-led alliance. Vadivelu has been verbally attacking the DMDK chief at all his meetings for the past 10 days.

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Mincing no words, Singamuthu has said in one of his meetings that “Vadivelu should never forget that it was Vijaykanth who first made him ‘take bath properly’ and put on a ‘dhoti’. Having no regard to this gesture, Vadivelu speaks badly about Vijaykanth, which is highly condemnable by one and all.

Click here for Singamuthu Speech against Vadivelu Video

“Who is this Khushboo and what right does she have to comment about Jayalalithaa Madam? The same parties which vehemently opposed her remarks on virginity uttered a few years back have now aligned with her. In fact, it was Amma who intervened at that time to bail Khushboo out of her troubles. The actress appears to be having a bad memory as she forgets good things.

“People should vote en masse for Amma and her allies to have a trouble-free life sans power cut and price rise,” said Singamuthu.


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