Singamuthu released on conditional bail – I have a lot more to say to the world about Vadivelu

Singamuthu released on conditional bail Singamuthu, who was arrested by the police early last week  and had spent four days in Puzhal Central Prison in connection with a case of ‘threat to life’ filed against him by fellow comedian Vadivelu’s manager, got a huge reprieve when he was released  last weekend on conditional bail by a City Court.

Speaking after emerging out of the Court, Singamuthu said, “I have never seen or met Vadivelu’s manager. Vadivelu had ‘tactically’ framed the case and succeeded in sending me to prison. I have a lot more to say to the world about Vadivelu, which nobody is aware of. As soon as I ‘reveal’ all those secrets, Vadivelu might soon find himself behind bars (in prison).

he added “Vadivelu is doing everything possible at this disposal to ensure that I’m out of Kollywood so that he could enjoy a free fun. Those who earlier used to write his comedy portions in films are no more with him now. Two of his managers have died. Due to his popularity, he has become very arrogant and proud. I’m sure people have recognized the real ‘Vadivelu’ through the way he got me arrested.

On asked about his Prison expreience
I learnt a lot of things while in prison. I even met some murder accused there. I conducted religious discourses for them while I was there. All the prisoners behaved in a friendly manner with me,” concluded Singamuthu.



  1. Anonymous

    singamuthu needs to calm the hell down, he is hating on vadivelu SOO much…you can tell by his words that he is SUPER jealous…don't bring him out, he is a threat to vadivelu..poor him..

  2. Aval.Thaan.Brandy

    THey should both stop fightinG!, and leave it to the judge..and continue on with there life.. life as in acting, because there both great actors!. Fighting like this and thinking of ways to send each other to jail is not going to get them anywhere in life, I say they stop arguing mind each others business and once again leave it to the judge and the government who went wrong.

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