‘Singam’ Surya – Brand ambassador of Saravarana Stores

The most sucessfull trick  in  marketing  has been, use film stars for endorsing the brand products. The idea for doing this is to create a residual impression in the minds of the target audience

Surya endorses Saravana stores

Surya, the happy man after the huge success of Singam and his Singakutti’s (son) arrival has signed up to be the brand ambassador of Saravana Stores the biggest textile retail outlet in Tamil Nadu.

Surya has earlier endorsed various major products including Pepsi  and Aircel.

Surya will be endorsing for the new huge branch at Purusawalkam which is really massive with electronic car park and other state-of-the-art amenities.

Sneha has been a constant with Saravana Stores for a couple of years now. Looks like Suriya’s popularity among female fans has fetched him the contract with the retailer.

Surya says that he wants to add something unique to everything he does, and hence this decision.

While asking the reason he decided to endorse Saravana Stores, Surya Said ,“Saravana Stores has always been a mystery to me. I take the road in front of Saravana stores every morning and evening to the studios in Kodambakkam and never have been a day when I don’t see hundreds of people inside and outside the shop, and on roads and bus stands waiting with the huge shopping bags with logo of the shop. I don’t think that they can be so successful and satisfy so many people, compromising on quality. There is something about that shop which has the common man hooked. “.

“I think, just like me, they came from no-where and made it big and I wanted to be a part of their success.”, Surya added.



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