Singam movie shows cancelled in Erode

 singam in erode

Generally the habit of theater owners is to sell 10 tickets for Rs 1000. There is no discrimination based of city or village, first class or second class, all tickets are sold on a flat rate.

Now we have the Erode theater owners who claim that they are different from others. News comes out that the Erode Theater owners were forced by a group of people to charge more amount for Singam movie tickets. With regard with this, all the shows were cancelled yesterday.

Singam movie got released on May 28 in 4 theaters in Erode.

At this instance, a 12 member unknown group entered one theater on Monday and forced the workers to sell Rs 10 ticket of Singam movie for Rs 150. But the theater workers refused to do so and a lot of confusion was created in the theater. The frustrated group attacked 3 theater workers and escaped from there. Regarding this issue, the Erode theater owners association head Senthilnathan and the theater owners met the Erode district collector Sudalai Kannan. They filed a complaint on this issue and asked for protection for their theaters. The collector ordered for extra protection to all the 4 theaters where Singam movie is filmed in Erode. All the 15 theaters in Erode cancelled the whole day show yesterday, with regard to the attack.


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