Simbu’s Twitter Account Hacked


Social networking sites have become the most effective medium of communication for the K-Town celebrities. Especially Twitter has been the most popular tool among them.

But their accounts are not free from threats. It has been now  informed that the Twitter account of Simbu aka Silambarasan  has been hacked.

Simbu is claiming that his Twitter account has been hacked by unknown individuals. It is not even the first time, the actor previously had his twitter account compromised.

“Only recently was my networking profile hacked and I somehow managed to retrieve it. But, I’m facing the same problem now with my micro-blogging site,” says Simbu.

The actor is very upset about it, he has been trying to retrieve his account but in vain. Simbu had around 20,000 followers in twitter.

“I was extremely thrilled that within a short span of time, I had more than 20,000 followers. I’m trying all means to recover the profile as I do not want any false information about me to make the rounds. If nothing works out, I’m just going to start a new account,” states the actor.



  1. rambo

    what matters, uselesssssssssssssssssssss account, which fucker does this, hope he have noting better to do

  2. pub

    Dai..i told u again and again..Unaku ethukuda intha vela…cinema la act panna vanthutu olunga act pannaratha pakama..yenda intha vela unakku? i advised u..go to ur room see ur mirror act ur self.

  3. Awsome

    he looks cute 😀 its more like this, when u keep on hating someone u end up liking them, just the same. Am his fan now. i cant belive myself!

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