Poda podi

Simbu’s Poda Podi on premarital sex

Poda podi

We came to know a thing or two about Simbu’s upcoming release Poda Podi. The actor who had sung the Paapa song recently, will touch upon a very bold theme for Poda Podi. Accompanying him in female lead will be Varalaxmi Sarathkumar.

Simbu who loves to dance and perform on big occasions, does portray a very outgoing character in the movie. Both Simbu and Varalaxmi play a happening young couple, brought up abroad. Heroine Varalaxmi will get her dancing shoes tapping as a ballet dancer in the film. The script has both of them falling head over heels for each other, as they happily decide to become live in partners. A main part of the plot enlightens us on issues like doing drugs, dating, and the cultural differences in foreign countries. A birdie tells us that Poda Podi will also deal with the unhealthy trend of pre-marital sex, which has become common in communities abroad. Back in town Simbu dint caught up with his favorite actor Thala Ajith, wishing him a happy birthday. Being a big Ajith fan he also got hold of Billa 2’s original CD’s and pledged to put an end to piracy saying, “Gangster and bounce tracks on repeat . Yuvan is rocking!!! Can’t wait to see Thala on screen 🙂 say no to piracy.” The actor has moved onto his Vaalu project with Haniska Motwani.



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