Simbu lucky escape to Macau

Simbus lucky escape to Macau

Simbu lucky escape to MacauSTR aka Simbu is all set with his Osthe this December. The movie will be a treat for all Simbu fans who will get to see their hero tightly wrapped up in those police officer looks. Now did we forget to mention that those brownish clothes are hiding some freshly built 6-pack abs for a very genuine reason. ( Get the ladies whistling….Uh!..we mean put the bad guys to rest)

Our Osthe hero did have a tight schedule to follow in order to complete his flick in time, with the final touches being done. But sources close to Simbu revealed that the pressure has been too much too handle for the young hero. As a remedy, Simbu decided to board a flight to the Macau Peninsula. He had a great time, engaging in some water sports and most importantly chillaxing with his Macau pals. Infact Simbu had earlier made a trip to Macau, during the completion of his hit offering Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. He is now back in town and eagerly looking forward to his Osthe release alongside his dear fans.

Now let’s see if Osthe turns out to be as lucky a VTV for him, with this rejuvenating Macau experience by his side.




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