Simbu’s Love Anthem for World Peace poster

Simbus Love Anthem for World Peace poster

It’s been a good year for actor Simbu who had some decent releases in his Vaanam and Osthe this 2011.The movie Vaanam was a special one for Kollywood as a whole, as it saw the introduction of the single trend with Simbu and dear friend and composer Yuvan Shankar Raja coming together for something different yet again.

 He followed it up with his Osthe that released in record number of theaters in the State and abroad but reportedly lacked the magic of the original Salman Khan starrer. Nevertheless Simbu is still on the move rather on the groove, as he is totally kicked about his next big thing – THE LOVE ANTHEM. According to Simbu who will be singing the anthem himself, “It’s a step, a scream, a stride in breaking the barriers, a stride uniting 96 Languages and millions of people to build an un-breakable bond. For World Peace.” You heard it right! The lyrics for this beautiful piece have been penned in not less than 96 languages. It’s also heard that world renowned stars Akon and Rihanna will lend their voices, taking things to an all new level. Simbu promised fans saying, “The video promo for the song will be out before New Year”

Check out the official poster.



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