Simbus heroine is Richa Gangopadhya in Dabangg Remake

Richa Gangopadhyay

We had earlier told you that Simbu aka STR is doing the Tamil remake of Salman Khan starrer 2010 blockbuster Dabangg Hindi movie. Now the heroine hunting has come to an end. After scouting for heroines from North like Sonakshi Sinha, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor they have zeroed in for Tollywood hot beauty Richa Gangopadhya.

‘Leader’ Telugu film fame Richa has already made it big in the Telugu Film industry having notched up hits with the likes of Venkatesh, Ravi Teja, and Rana Dagubatti.

Director Dharani who gave sensational hits like ‘Dhool’ ‘Ghilli’ will wield the megaphone. Thaman will be scoring the music while Gopinath will be handling the cinematography.

The Muhurat of the film will be held on May 9th at Pillayar Kovil in AVM Studios. Arbaaz Khan, the producer and brother of Salman Khan will be attending the function as a special guest.



  1. bebo

    dnt worry remake means it is same.. same dhan … adhuvum neednt worry about remaking in tamil..super copy cats v have..

  2. முனியாண்டி

    பச்சைப்  பசேல் எண்ணு சூப்பர்ரா இருக்கு இந்த பிகரு

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  4. bebo

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