Simbus friends caught eve teasing

Simbus friends caught eve teasing

Simbus friends caught eve teasing

While the news might be fresh to many, the reason remains the same for Kollywood young man Simbu who is caught up in yet another controversy. Known for his partying ways Simbu’s name was recently dragged into the bad books for bringing in the dirty crowd to a happening pub in the city. Just recently his friends and the so called ‘bad boys’ merrily engaged themselves sipping in some country liquor eventually loosing all control.

Sadly, the victim happened to be a manager’s wife who had hit the dance floor to get the party groov’n, wanting to unwind herself after a long time to some good hip hop music. But as it is common in such parties the lady appeared too sensuous for the young lads, with one of them getting too close and just enough to create a commotion at the joint. Later when they were questioned one of them blurted out the truth, disclosing that they were Simbu’s dear friends caught up in a not so dearly act but nevertheless wanting to be treated with full respect. While the blokes got away with the excuse, Simbu was seen defending himself saying not every other guy who hits the pub is my friend.

 Now there you have got it, even the 6 pack Osthe Velan couldn’t do a thing about these eve teasers.




  1. AP

    u have  no other job, r u a lady? dont talk abt tat lady, she went with her husband ly, not with other guy.

    nowadays the cash is like a water…..
    each n every one has the cash…
    more than earning they used to spend more cash due to high priority….
    so the problem is developing in day to day life…
    politics, cinema, business, agri, IT….. And so on
    cash should be come in controll then our lives will change in india….

    mainly for gold and land
    education also in this list…..

    its my opinion..
    anything hurts for any one

  2. Smile

    @AP…I said she should have been a little careful…nothing wrong in that.I didn’t say she went with another man or she shouldn’t have gone.Don’t assume and write stuff….

  3. Smile

    @june….I am not a sexist….I believe in equal rights for men and women…the boys are at fault but she could have been careful…bec when they get drunk,they don’t know what they are doing….



  5. GUY

    @Smile dint say anything wrong.. We wont know wat really happened there.. And jus bcos Simbu’s frens behave cheaply doesnt mean he will behave tat way too..

    Yes I know ppl say, “Show me your frens and I’ll tell abt U”.. But tats not always the case..

    Jus as we cant believe SPB’s son SPB Charan did such a thing, it might be the same case as well.. It’s jus an assumption..

  6. hdb

    This patti smile is always blaming the woman for everything when a man misbehave.

    Dont the woman has the right to let her hair down after the hard work and enjoy herself???

    Smile like CT  said  : shitty GET LOST!

  7. hdb

    so if the men are drunk they dont know what they are doing, all the woman should stay locked inside the house is it????

    what a cave age moron you are smile !

  8. Smile

    @hdb….I didnt blame the lady.She ought to have been careful.That is what I said.Fault is surely with those guys.If you have a problem with me,be open about it instead of searching for new ways to target me…..

  9. hdb

    hey lady its a pub where ppl go to freak out not to be careful.If u wan to 2 be careful stay inside the house dont come out of the house.

    I dont know who u r why shud I have problem with u and why shud I find ways to target u.

    The problem with ur comments is everytime a women get harrassed u always blame the woman, in this case and also in the SOna and SPB CHaran case.  Yeah I had been reading ur comments so as in many cases.

    In yr books, it seems woman have no freedom to do it partying or enjoying themself!
    It seems men can do anything they want and get away with it bcos woman shoutld be CAREFUL!

    U r a woman and yet u discriminate them. u r really still in stone age!. Come out of ur cave.

  10. Smile

    @hdb..I read ur reply to me on the Urumi page….I more or less know what kind of person you are.I don’t owe you an explanation….

  11. Aravind

    Etho koil pona fig kai pidchu elutha mathri Smile comments erruku……. only bitches go to places like that…….these type of things happens all over world in pubs…whats so spl in that……

  12. Smile

    @aravind.enna nakkala?when did i say all men are sex mongers or all females are so divine?those guys misbehaved with you expect to reward them?anthal ennadana people go to pubs to freak out nu solran…and you….only bitches go to that places nu solringa….so which is which?pub ku poganuma vendama?right or wrong,i just expressed my view.porukathey ungaluku.odaney varinjukatikitu sandaiku varavendiyathu.just leave me alone.if you dont like me or my comments skip it!

  13. Aravind

    U had always find fault with men only…even in the SPB Charan episode u first critizied him a lot without knowing the real face of Sona….wht happend then…..i dont mind u at all…but u spew venom in u r words against men in the name of female rights……pub ku pona appdi than nadakum……i say again… bitches only goes to pub and dance in a filthy way……

  14. Aravind

    i had no enimity with u….. but i strongly disagree with u r words…..u would say whtever u think and if smbody replies u would say leave me alone….if u feel to be alone then dont comment in open forum like this….i dont advocate those guys are good…..i am just reply to u r comments

  15. Smile

    ama KT periya parliament parunga nan views solli dominate panrathuku….there isn’t any necessity for me to dominate KT or anyone.I didn’t insist everyone should agree to my views.I said this case what those guys did was wrong.bec it’s a pub as u said such things maybe common I don’t know but that does not give those men an excuse to assault was a party and that lady was the manager’s wife so she had to kick start it.I agree with you that a decent lady would not go to such places.even though in a pub a decent lady would stay within her nothing wrong in ladies going to pub.not all women who go are bad.She would have accompanied her’s common these days.then again knowing that in such an ambience,men would act funny she should be cautious on what she was doing.let it be any place,it is wrong of men to assault women.
    I am open to criticism but your previous comment was like as if you were blaming me so I said if you didn’t like you could skip my comment.I am not a chauvinist.I believe in gender equality.

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