Simbus foot corns halt Vaanam shoots

Simbu suffering from foot horn
Simbu suffering from foot horn

Movie goers were looking forward to something special this Valentine ’s Day as Silambarasan’s Vaanam was the most anticipated movie for the ‘weekend of love’. After making everyone fall in love once again with his act in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa released in February last year, the romantic hero was pitching high for Vaanam after he had expressed his interest to get it released again in February.

Sadly the bad news that he has now developed foot corns will prove to be a spoiler for the hero. Doctors have consoled the actor saying that an immediate medical surgery has to be performed, which will be over in a day but a bed rest of 2 weeks after the surgery which will be unavoidable is the matter of concern for Simbu as of now.

Well that means shoots being halted for Vaanam which still has 2 more songs yet to be filmed in Chennai. Vaanam has created hype among the youth with its single released earlier composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

So how many of you are having second thoughts this Valentine’s day?



  1. Sam

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