Simbus back-stabbing tactics are bad, says Jeeva

Jeeva blames Simbu

Giving further fillip to the misunderstanding that already exists between him and Simbu, actor Jeeva has gone on record saying that Simbu always ‘stabs from the back’ and doesn’t indulge in fighting ‘in front of the face’. For the past few months or so, actors Simbu and Jeeva appear to be not in sync with each other.

It all started with the release of the film ‘Ko’ during the first-half of this year. The film starring Jeeva and debutant Karthika and directed by K.V. Anand went on to become a box-office hit and is still going strong even after completing 100 days. It was Simbu who was originally booked by Anand to play the hero in the film. Simbu developed some ‘misunderstanding’ with Anand over the choice of heroine and exited from the film.

Jeeva then stepped into Simbu’s shoes and the rest is history. In his various interviews to the press, Simbu appears to be reluctant in recognizing the success of ‘Ko’ and accept the fact that he missed out on a ‘superhit’ film probably due to his ‘ego’. Jeeva was recently talking to newsmen when he was asked about his equation with Simbu.

He replied that “Simbu had never been a good friend to me. Healthy competition between actors is welcome in this industry. In Simbu’s case though, he indulges in back-stabbing which won’t pave way for healthy competition at all.”

On the professional front, Jeeva is doing fine with many films by leading directors on his hands. He has films like ‘Vanthaan Vendraan’, Mysskin’s ‘Mugamoodi’ and an untitled film by Gautham Menon (tentatively titled ‘Nithya’) which keep him very busy.



  1. tim

    @Simbu – Ego doesnt help anyone from any profession to come up in life.

    @Jeeva – And you dont have to comment on sombody in press and raise the flame again.You have to sort it out on your own,Cheap publicity also doesnt help.

  2. Smile

    Cinemala evvalo vishaiyam erukku indha karadiku “choice of heroine” than rombha mukkiyama???Evanukku endha heroine “vasadhiya” erukko ava than heroin-a varanumakum.That’s a director’s job.Such a oversized spoilt brat….Grow up!

    I also feel that Jeeva should not have discussed this publicly.It’s not ethical…


    Dei Jeeva north Indian rascal choudry paiyaaaaa, engaa ooral polappu paakkira malaiyaali, kannadigas, telugus enalai aandukkittu irukkaanunga dei odi poidungadaa inimel thaan simbupola thamizh aalunga mela varanum. Ini thamizh naattula Thamizhanukku muthalidam MATHAVANUKKU IALL NNU SOLLALAA ANAAAL MUDHALIDAM THAMIZHANUKKUTHAAN

  4. Thamu

    Hi jeeva. You were great in Ko. I’m excited you are going to work with GVM. Your movie rowthiram was bad though. Anyway please don’t indulge in cheap publicity. It makes you look bad and I don’t think simbu cares about you at all so you should not care about him too.

  5. tim

    Unna yaaruda ketta???? Nee ellam oru aalunu ingha vandhu comment panra…

    Now Im deidcating this for you :
    Podangu Omma**, Porambok** Thev***a Payya, Naara Koo**i, Echa Baa**, Unga Aaya Soot** Nakku.

    Sorry folks, I have to use all these words just for the above ass ho** who is thinking too smart of himeslf….kaaarrrrrr Thuuuuuuuuuuuu !!

  6. Meg

    Tiim, vasin is just trying to get some attention. Poor guy no one cares about vasin that’s why vasin is going to everyone’s comment begging for attention.

  7. june

    that’s kind of immature of you jeeva, if you guys have problems keep them to yourself coz’ gonna say somethin’ back and then controversy stirs… yourself the trouble

  8. Vasin

    ‘Fathers and Sons’ padicheengala? Enga padichirka poreenga? ‘Sons and Lovers’ na padichirpeenga!! Fathers and Sons oru prachnaya duel moolama cultured a solve pannaraanga. Simbu Jeeva boxing duel panna pocu! Simbu pinnadi kutharara illiyanu therinjudum. 

  9. R

    Why does this websites like to make simbu the bad guy always? is it because simbu doesn’t bother to clear his name? He is like the punching bag for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Poor simbu.

  10. Super sugu

    Pls u go grow up………….

    Did anyone know all this news are authentic ??

    Gossips are to be read not to be commented ……

    All actors know this, only poor fans create all mess.

  11. jeev

    In cine industry almost every hero has problems with every other hero, not everything is told in news, so its better to keep it with yourself and be decent instead of coming on news… 

  12. lashi

    The only actor who is friends with everyone and no ego problem is Arya.Please look up to him,all current actors 😀

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